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We could do. We want to which is which you're always not able to do well. It was fact most of the time you can't do you want to no. There's always someone telling you know but in our case we were Kinda like pirate radio like we were sailing. Our ship and no one was really telling us what to do so so we got to do it now right time and we had the right combination of things you know they. We had to make good relationships with all the publicists and with all the studios with all the celebrities celebrities and if we had fought it up at any point along the way that would have all the doors have closed that would have been the end of our business but for whatever reason and there were definitely if if you missed apps but we made the right relationships and we did. We made the right decisions at the right time and be able to keep all of that and so even to this day we still have of those relationships so we were booking the VH1 show that. I had after that that was because I built up all these relationships so along with TV and they trusted us because what we were doing was so irreverent and so on censored so out of the realm of normal safe family watching watching TV and was definitely not anything anybody done before and week but will we were doing was different because it was inclusive. Not Exclusive. You know we wanted to make sure that if we were going to be telling jokes everybody who's going to be in on the joke this was not this is the party of uh-huh is not a part of me against you. No one's laughing at the celebrities. I'm I'm not asking personal questions. I'm not doing anything. It's going to make anybody uncomfortable but there is going to be a lot of concent- Fox flying around and as long as that's okay. Great but at at that point it was also it was so refreshing for everybody I think once they realized that they could assist if they were ever uncomfortable with something. We take an hour. Wouldn't air it whatever once we got all of their trust us then it was like a free for all and everybody was having so much fun I would walk out of those rooms was celebrities. Like thank you so much for not asking me about my character. They just wanted to do anything other than the same fucking questions they could ask over and over again. Do you think being someone who's obviously interviewed arguably assume uh-huh biggest stars in the world. Do they begin to know that they can trust you. Of course otherwise I would never get ass back because I don't think people realize how because I know there's just like they want to hear the shocking being or they go why don't you ask. Why did this person that? Why the heart? I don't want to see the hard questions. But there is align. I think that people feel like celebrities are everyone is owed every explanation by celebrity and everything.

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