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Is listed at 79% Containment. Full containment is expected October 30th evacuation orders remain in effect for residents and Paradise Springs south and west of Upper big to whom go Canyon and those living along Angeles Crest Highway. A man is headed to jail for defrauding the employment development department in San Joaquin County, according to prosecutors, Charles Carlson and Brandy Meyer. Still there Identities of 13 people claimed $60,000 in fraudulent benefit. Both pled guilty. Tio Edy fraud, felony drug possession and other charges in a San Francisco based Airbnb is taking action to stop Halloween parties. One night reservations are no longer allowed for October. 30th or 31st. Anyone who's already booked home will be cancelled. I'm Jodi Guerrero. Sacramento traffic checking KFBK traffic in Colusa I five, both north and south bound. The Maxwell rest areas are shut down in both directions. You have Stuart work taking place and this is a long term closure. It's not set to open until December 31st or pretty much next year. So expect some delays. Woodland South bound five At the Vietnam Veterans Rest area similar situation a long term closure. This is because of landscape work, and that's not set to reopen until December, 1st and in the Sierra 80 westbound at the California Nevada state line, the roadway is reduced to one lane for the ditch slope Stabilization Project. All them Jacob News 93.1 kfbk Now Sacramento weather Clear skies.

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