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Iheartradio station. Good morning. Police sergeant is accusing his bosses retaliating against him for refusing to change a police report about the shooting of an unarmed autistic team by an off duty officer in two thousand seventeen sergeant Isaac Lambert filed a lawsuit yesterday claiming he was demoted last month for not reclassifying the officer as the victim of the incident officer Khalil Muhammad shot. Ricardo Hayes on the south side. August of two thousand seventeen Lambert believes the lawsuit can make him an unpopular figure within the department Chicago weather, very cold, the clouds and sun, high of twenty one. That's what's happening. I'm perry. Williams back with another update in thirty minutes on the Steve Harvey morning show on. Guys. We're going to talk about leaving never never land the two part docu series about Michael Jackson. But I the sad news, actually, Luke Perry. One of the most beloved Hollywood actors. He was the star of Beverly Hills nine O two one O and Riverdale the most recent series. He was on he passed away at the age of fifty two. Yes. Archie. Stroke last Wednesday. And he never recovered from the stroke and thoughts and prayers are definitely with his family. I mean he played Dylan on ninety two. Everybody loved Dylan. He was good. All new generation that watches. Riverdale generation. They love riverdell. Robin term. Yeah. Everybody watches and the and the day he had a massive stroke. They just announced that they were going to do a reboot of Beverly Hills nine O two one, and he was reluctant he hadn't signed on yet. Because he had the commitment to Riverdale. Right. He or Shannon Doherty hadn't but everyone.

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