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For that period and like this even a film soon cold potman starring one of bollywood's biggest stars akshay kumar which tells the true story of the man's journey make affordable sanitary now here we were talking about this earlier i read the film posters in the show hey percentage the act pab so i guess this feels like an issue that won't be going away anytime save i really feel that way but there are a number of online positions and organizations that feel they have no choice but to try and take their challenges to courts try and get rid of the tax and it feels like india is yet another country to join the global debates untaxing menstrual hygiene products his tricia chassis again so right now we see laziness right now we see the sense of this is the best we can do there's nothing else we can do we see our compete sense of deference and disregard for the wife of people at last and this is not okay this is supposed to make element for the people by the people and right now they're letting down the men and indepth tricia shetty ending that report by any sasea dr and mike wendling and now why would you choose to be childless his marianne hotter today we explore why some people choose not to have children is it normal a lifestyle choice that some people happen to make what is it dangerous and something we need to worry about ma'am do your nuts selfish at a day goes by where i am not more sad about what happened that also relieved that i don't have a child traditionally having children is more often than not a social and economic necessity boats as the world is changing the burdensome benefits of having children shift to i mean james not israel name in a pub near london in the uk for and ensure entry people do joyaon is.

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