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Of mental health changes known as shany's law in memory of the man is death in split them eight years ago only she louis died soon after being restrained by eleven police officers at a hospital in london the mental health units use of force bill was one of a number of measures to move a step closer to becoming law as opponent more don reports it was a day of unfinished biz business in the commons three weeks before the conservative sa christopher chope at prevented a bill to ban up skirting from going through on the nod there was a furious backlash and he revisited the issue at the start of proceedings how can it be made clear to the government's parliamentary colleagues and the wider public including social media an objection to a bill going through on the nod is not a commentary on the merits of the contents of the bill but i demand for proper scrutiny the speaker john berko told him that all the rules required was the simple word object the was of course great controversy three weeks ago and the honorable gentleman has to fend for himself in the public domain in seeking to defend his decision in procedural terms i must emphasize in procedural terms no impropriety took place and christopher later had a demonstration in the art of objecting when several mp's made a point of loudly objecting to bills hit proposed whose activities three weeks ago had also delayed a bill from labour mp steve read to regulate the use of force in mental health units it didn't reach its final commons vote the bill was known as shany's laura after shaney lewis who'd lost his life after being restrained during a mental health episode mr reed said he wanted the bill in law perhaps i could start by acknowledging the press in the chamber of chinese parents conrad with delighted and proud to have them here but also of masiwa rig who lost her son sean in very similar circumstances this bill is called shany's shaney it's effective many many people beyond shady who've lost their lives or been injured simply because they were on well on the purpose of this is to make sure that can't happen again and moments later when the deputy speaker elena line called the vote the bill was given an unopposed third reading the ayes have it the is has it.

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