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Larry humira. Oh you're in when they finish the laser beam at is one hundred percent. How johnny cage is getting his arcana lights up green at this gives him the confidence to fly again and then we got another wardrobe change. Supply barbara ellen fly towards sogo. Black guard chases them in the film's version of tie fighters which this predates star wars mentioned which barbarella managed to shoot down as pienaar. Flies them to sogo. Apart shutdown at an momentarily knocked down they fall. You're against consciousness right before they hit the ground and then she shoots the last couple with her laser but just in time as her laser run out of power atlanta in the back streets so go and they create more attention than they expect with the dregs of sogo staring at them and barbarella is kidnapped by couple of sleeves bags who take her to into an alley full of bubble wrap with intent to raipur she saved with a switch by switchblade wielding woman with a crush window in outfit of tent on calling her pretty pretty and she also wants to fuck barbarella. Apparently there was a sex scene between these two. That was eventually cut. I don't think they were shot but it was planned. I don't think any nudity but just like you know how she gets higher than every night. Barbara leaves nagazine cuts right. Barra leaves and looks for pijar. She follows a trail of feathers and find some being attacked by the street. Trash sogo few pulls him into a room which he identifies as the chamber of ultimate solution which basically means a suicide chamber and they have to choose between three possible debt. They watch as an unnamed woman picks a death behind the door and she screams as she goes at sight. There's no way out so barbara. This is they need to choose a door and try to stave off. But as they're about to go through one of the doors they're stopped by the grand tire it's concierge at the behest of tyrant itself by has taken away by the black cards in a net of. What's the line she has she. She's looking for pijar. She hears screaming like oh nothing. Good comes from screaming. The think no..

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