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Afternoon I'm Mark Lewis And I'm Debra Feinstein Jocelyn chess and as our producer The top story at this hour more questions being raised about the police response to the mass shooting this week at a Texas elementary school CBS official report we're learning more about the response to the school massacre in Texas CBS Janet shamley and is there There are new questions about the response to this after the timeline indicates that the shooter may have been in that classroom as long as an hour before authorities broke into the room where he had barricaded himself and killed him CBS is really a Luciano is also a new valdi with more on the victims Alexandria ania Rubio's parents were at school earlier that same day to celebrate her She was awarded that morning for being a good citizen Her mom said on Facebook we had no idea this was goodbye And breaking Hollywood news today actor Ray Liotta has died As far back as I could remember I always wanted to be a gangster Goodfellas was just one of the classics he starred in over the years Sources say leota died in his sleep in the Dominican Republic while shooting a new movie He was 67 CBS News special report I'm Monica ricks Back to the issue of guns and the situation in Texas Senate Democrats here in Washington pledged at a rally today to keep pressing for new gun legislation but they lost a vote to move ahead on a domestic terrorism Bill today We hear about that from WTO's Mitchell Miller Today on the hill We are not prepared to allow our schools to continue as killing fields Connecticut senator Chris Murphy who says mass shootings can't be accepted as the new normal He's trying to get support for more limited measures that could get GOP backing including a red flag law to keep guns from those deemed a threat to themselves or others A Republican filibuster meanwhile has blocked further debate on a domestic terrorism Bill which was opposed by Kentucky's Rand Paul This says that our police are consumed with some kind of race rage It's untrue and it's slander On Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTO news The National Rifle Association says it's still planning to go ahead with this weekend's convention in Houston former president Trump will be the featured speaker The NRA is out with reaction to the Yuval di shootings the group says it is committed to making schools safe and it calls the shooter a lone deranged criminal The 18 year old gunman was able to buy the rifle use in that shooting legally Meantime singer Don McLean has pulled out of a scheduled performance at the NRA convention McLean best known for the classic rock hit American pie He says performing there would be hurtful and disrespectful in light of the shootings and Yuval day British prosecutors today say they've charged actor Kevin Spacey with four counts of sexual assault against three men The alleged incidents took place in London between March of 2005 and August of 2008 and in western England in April of 2013 the 62 year old actor was questioned by British police a couple of years ago about claims by several men that he had assaulted them Spacing ran a famous theater in London between 2004 and 2015 And breaking today in New York State appeals court has ruled that former president Trump must answer questions under oath in the state civil investigation into his business practices a four judge panel in the appellate division of the state's trial court upheld a ruling by a Manhattan judge in February that enforced subpoenas for Trump and his two oldest children They were required to give deposition testimony in the state attorney general's investigation in their appeal lawyers for the former president had said ordering the trumps to testify violated their constitutional rights because their answers could be used in an ongoing criminal investigation Straight ahead the Washington commanders may be losing some key support for a new stadium in Virginia One 36 hi I'm Patrick fingers owner and home design Let's be honest getting a new roof is not easy You got a call contractors and hope they call you back You got a kit three estimates then you gotta figure out how you're gonna pay for it Well a new look it's different Schedule a same day onsite or virtual estimate All estimates come with a free 3D rendering of your roof so you know exactly what it's gonna look like and we give you line by line pricing so you know exactly what you're gonna pay for Plus it's a.

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