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Lot of that value we won't talk about it so that there are market we actually today as well clear way it played a con a stance less you I think you know I think hello I'm calling is one of those guys like can you help on special teams can you do other things to make the team and maybe again they need guys like that we got the research a lot after practicing he and you're like this he was very very high praise out of our he but you're right research task you can add that presence that they need up front you know you're talking about a guy who what's the what's in now when translated Sekirei instruments twenty four years of it I think he had a lot in terms of experience over the last year he what he had a really good they say it really did spring so the roads are all do that you're talking about that they need death from and then in the very first step up as well yeah Maurice Hurst I mean remember he was sent home from the combine because the heart they thought like this kid's not gonna be able to play we don't want to have him as a liability risk so let's send this kid home raiders took the shot panned out got medically cleared and he really was an asset last year on a defense that struggled throughout the year also key Smith I understand how to non football injury or maybe something during his own work out and that opens the door up for Alec Ingle now my wife of course hails from Wisconsin I've been to camp around a couple times but I like this kid this kid I watched him look Taylor gets all the praise running behind a massive offense of one but he told the guy that not only can block but he can catch the ball he said this last year drop the pasaporte than one on a little bootleg that would beat the broader what I right when you said that name I remember that play from last year what about Ingle nineteen make the squad yeah he make the squad to me we haven't seen casement thank you know group and get you know grins gather positions the apps what you know he spent the ban on the the NFI and I haven't seen him in a but hadn't anything's lastly invoking makes what if he proves it mean that the group they got to that spot that position so you can actually make the worst is when you know if it lingers at all with the your with the in a fight they've been they've been really a fortune in that so you know there were no hold out in the last two years whether ways Khalil obviously which got moved and then and hobby actually you actually held out we haven't had any hold up I think that was really about writing up some critical held out he's right there for another contract and that would have been a bottle about eighty nine beat Rodney Hudson within cocktail coming in with cold Miller with brown command they need rocky ups or anything so they don't have any holdouts Antonio brown the doctor you know by look I wouldn't put in twenty around near field until the first okay so that right there can't believe I can't live in class that maybe I'm wrong but man they are being really careful yesterday like I think we reported he came out that a fight he went out he ran I don't know maybe three or four rows certainly need to put on a jury in one place for the kids A. pertaining to for the most it gets and that's fine you know he's an impeccable shape and you need him one hundred fifty percent so they have been fortunate up here where there's no contract nonsense and you know very few of the key center have been are not any better as a vendor so that she should have been really haven't talked about him yet you still like it is in great shape this year a lot of issues last year and on a non contact grill he gets a concussion how it happened I don't know and you know not a doctor but I was surprised as till today so he's out with one question but for the most part they remain healthy in thirteen a one day at the ads I think Gruden you know it's like you I don't know if he knows what the number is but I think he probably thinks they can feel a little better than what most people are person yeah I'm thinking nine is seven I know look I I with thirty six thousand miles of travel which is more and the jets bills and giants combined I understand schedules brutal and it's the worst schedule I've ever seen in the NFL but it is what it is we'll see how it pans out last last thing as far as good for my air miles my friend there are that's right that's a yeah you'll be all you'll have a blast in London and yeah it'll be great just don't drive eighty I can see you on the other side of the road you know what that happened yeah exactly we don't yeah you you actually might be a better driver over their yachts you stay in your right mind that way I listen Daniel Carlson I mean last year the raiders with a beneficiary of three or four teams including the Chargers that could get out of their own way they're kickers were blowing games and so Carlson was blown games for Minnesota he gets cut raiders snatching the kid was outstanding I think they're settled their punning wise Johnny towns and struggle big time bringing AJ coal NC state a kid that you know may push on but I don't know if either one of these guys are worth a darn talk to me about the planning well I'll tell you what the member one Manny Pacquiao knocked down he terminals attending around in the conning today which was their first and they really competed AJ call at any ground over Johnny down wow he'd boom AJ coal boomed a few today that raider great so the password is sent out to help find out one day so I I don't know but it but he the kids showed up they had the rookie and he certainly wouldn't latest today means that just gonna and the job of that except he's a rookie so that will be very interesting show I see I don't think Daniel Carson Carlson is this ticket yeah and now it's been three days the password on today's really hardly catch stuff but he seems very very confident he seems like he knows he's the guy and I like I said I I have not I haven't I guess I've seen every kick but if I've missed one that he missed a you know I I didn't see these make he's made every kid that I've seen in a so the country will be interesting but I think they're fine it kicker and I think they're happy with so I think they're happy with them but Colin council to be a nice nice competition here is we get in the game the rams come next week first and practices in napa before they play the game I think that's always cool when you have a better team kind of invading their on the practice you'll definitely see some skirmishes and fight then the question about that by season by the next few days there weren't any of the little disappointed today with alkaline Jews Lee in in seven southern Lebanon Levin when some hitting starts you'll get some special Levin on them when they go live does go like that much but when they go live you get some so looking forward to that because other than that you don't get a fight if they can be pretty hunting practices hi Jared cook this last question Jericho was outstanding was just a great New Orleans swoops about no doubt what about Waller he had some good activity last year in the last four games there are carriers there I know Luke Wilson in probably the rookie at LSU foster Moreau will battle both throughout the U. morose post be really good blocker didn't do a lot of past receiving down there for the by you bangles undertake as far as the tight end because it's not gonna be use like it was last year when cook was the guy so what are we looking at well you're exactly right perfect later said and and and you know that's not that that's as much a reason for their for their wide receivers being better than you know anything about the fight in good year cooks a huge loss look to Waller has to step up and prove his bat is past issues off the field as mentioned you know that he's a straight now and he's right you want to be the guy because he has every opportunity to be the starting tight end on the raiders for shell this year and probably next year in Vegas but you have to produce they like foster moral lot I know that groups talk about you want to talk about it you fast rose one of the guys he kind of mentioned in his opening press conference without being asked about him so when he does that kind of he was on his mind so I I think at this point it's it's Waller the deer carrier has experience obviously but Waller's gonna get the first chance to prove he's not the guy and hopefully you know again his suspension the pastor thing of the past and he and Tommy to produce but you're right they're not they're not gonna go to take in as much anymore and maybe that's not because of the position maybe they don't eighteen the one guy that I think is going to be really good and I know everyone talks but AT and I get all that a I just when these guys sign Kenny I said man that's a good sign and they're not gonna talk about a lot on your Browns presence is just so domineering Williams are lame yeah no one talked about that family I got a little and watch the charge on that he and he's looking like he is doing internet route rating and I'm thinking everyone's gonna talk about Antonia crap I'm like a fantasy guide it around like I might grab that guy because Antonia's gonna get a lot of attention as they should and I think Tyrone Williams was one of by far the best Aussie that positions great stuff from a green follow him on Twitter at a grainy G. R. A. N. E. Y. and of course Las Vegas review journal get the online edition real easy for you folks that don't want to mess with the paper let's give you want to go on the can every morning and read the paper like Katie be old school but it's good to have double option right there a green one of the best in the business co host of the press box again anchored by clay Baker the end I am he there it is and then it what there's always a one in one a in somebody's horse races a granny is the one a also I am for CZ but do the best DG Hussein soon and we'll we'll we'll take about two hours to talk about Tyree kill when you get back thanks for having an appreciation of the best that sports.

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