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It's up there in the events at the top of the homepage. Or it's in the highlight carousel real that Lexus posted that just keeps revolving you can click that takes you straight to Everett, and you pick out your tickets that way, but it's Saturday March twenty third. Let's get your good seats. And let's see you out there indefinitely. Come up to me. After at the meet and greet love to say. Hi to you. Coast insiders our chat tomorrow with Jeff Belanger at eight o'clock Pacific time, Jeff courses great paranormal research. Sure. So you'll be able to chat with him and ask him some incredible things you can sign up to be a coast insider, it's fifteen cents a day. Hello. This is Gino in Chesterfield, Missouri. And I am a coast to coast insider because I love good radio. I'm a member of Georgia worries. Army of coast to coast insiders, and I love to listen to the shows that are really great over and over again and go back to the archives and look up similar shows by the same artist that he has on. That's that simple. Just go to coast to coast Dame dot com and about for about fifteen cents a day. You can become a coast insider. Not to mention the steady. I was backing the carpet three times a week photo was scratching all my lawn. Bouncing on the side of the bed keeping me awake. The whole entire night from all the scratching and chewing the kind of makes you neurotic does your dog scratch stink. Or shed light. Crazy towns of for all over the place come to dynamite for help. I N O V. I T E dot com. If you want the doctor, you healthy, you gotta feed something healthy Stein. Invite is attrition. The omega three fatty acids flaxseed think L fail vitamins and enzymes replaced the nutrients cooked out of most commercial dock foods. He gobbles up all night scratching his shutting is minimal. And it is such a pleasure to have my calm, relaxed nonshedding puppy back, and I have to thank Dino..

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