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We found facing lawsuits in california increasing basis. We worked with california firm. Because we didn't do the litigation california. We weren't barney california and we said. Hey let's stop. If we can sending stuff to another law firm zinke clients like us. Our clients want to stay with us so as of today we have an la office and we can Better serve our clients if they happen to find themselves facing litigation in california. That's great as far as the label is like For things like you know plastic cops in that. This may may leaks sort of toxin. like warnings. Like that those kinds of things like that. So yeah. if you ever spend time in in california you'll see on gas stations will say warning vs. This establishment uses chemicals which are known to the state of california to cause cancer reproductive harm. Classics can be an issue. The main issue that our clients faces typically heavy metals. A lot of our clients are in the natural space. Let's say as wheat grass in an greens drank. You've all of your favorite smoothie places because it's grown from the land there's lead in in the ground is a certain amount of naturally occurring lead at just leaches into grass right leaches into all sorts of different things and You know the state of california said a very very very low threshold for how much lead can be In a product and so so typically typically for the sort of natural products but trips them up even another thousands of chemicals on this list. Are you know lead cadmium mercury. You might have read recently about you. Know rice having mercury and stuff like that and they're very trace levels and whether or not it actually presents. A health hazard is a whole other story but The other incident thing about prop sixty five. It's very unusual in that. Not only can the state taken action for violating its law but they're sort of a bounty hunter provision in there so private attorneys can send you a saying. We tested your product. You don't have the warning you need it. They have to offer the state of california the opportunity to california transit down and they often do they can sue on behalf of the state and collect money. So there's lots of little private enforcers after. That's really interesting. I hadn't heard of that before. So this is almost like the class action lawsuit but without the mouth class. I guess the masses of people. Yeah well i guess you're right. There's not a lotta defendant named plaintiffs. But i guess the settlement amounts can relate to sales right depending on how many products sold in california. That needed the warning without pests. Well how how did you get into the niche that you're in which is basically all around. Fda regulation since. I was born eric. I've just kidding About anyone get into weapons. What they do these days. No you know like everyone else..

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