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Executive invoking a totally made up national emergency in order to actually try to solve a political emergency. And in that case in this context, divert resources invoke this national emergency and potentially be deploying the military in its service. You are seeing the actions of an autocrat that is that is the behavior that if you saw a third world country, and you would have in many third world countries. You would say, well, that's the guy who runs the hunter. That's the guy who runs the dictatorship. And by the way, the one in the back. Hey, right, right. That's not a parrot. That's maker, right? Right. Go ahead. Shooting instituting martial law in the streets because his regime is crumbling. That's what we've seen this before. And that's what you be IRA. Let's let let's stop. Let's stop no responsible. News organization would keep this guy on the air. It's not a hunter. It's not martial law. It's none of those things. Obviously. It's not the FDR administration. It's not the Woodrow Wilson administration. These are statements that are made by buffoon who is in concord with any facts or information. Any facts are information, and they won't get it on the morning schmo show, which of course, as I've said before, and it's true is the favourite show of the North Korean generals, those who are still alive and not executed by Kim Jong UN. Now, most of you don't watch this because they have no ratings. We have more subscribers. I shouldn't even say this. On blaze TV, formerly crtv, including Levin, TV then they have viewers in the morning. Think about that. So why are they on the air? They don't produce ratings there on the air, ladies and gentlemen, because they produce a political viewpoint and rhetoric and tone. At the producers the directors in the executives want. This guy is a demagogue the show is a propaganda mill. Day in and day out the same thing. And then, of course, the morning schmo likes to pray certain individuals at FOX. When they attacked the President's XI. That's a real reported. Yeah. Like we need. Joe Scarborough, his stamp of approval, his his character testimony. He has no character. He's a fraud. Absolute. So when you bring a guy like this on Heilmann who has nothing. And I've decided what the problem is here. In addition to you know, obviously, the the the left wing ISM and all the rest of the problem here, folks. And I mean this. Is the twenty four seven o'clock. It's not that these cable networks. They don't have one hour to hour. Three hours is twenty four seven. It is reruns. And they have to fill the time. They have to try and drive the ratings some more and more. They're balkanized more more. They played a smaller. Smaller click. And they have to be more and more outrageous. One of the things I really like about fucks is when you watch Tucker Carlson or you watch Sean Hannity or you watch Laura Ingram. You know, what you're getting? They don't play pretend to be journalists. They are smart. They articulate they have a point of view, whether you agree with all of it or not and you understand that is a commentator. That's a commentator. That's a commentator when you look at CNN. It's all over the place. What's Don, lemon is? He knew skyer commentator. What's Chris Cuomo news commentators done both what Jake tapper news commentator Cammarata? She a news guy a gallery commentary. I'm quite serious. Look at MSNBC. Same thing. Same thing. You can't tell. Now, the news people on all the cable shows. Not all of them. Some you may not like Chris Wallace. But you have to admit he's a news guy. And to the shock of many of you while I don't agree with them. All the time actually do like the guy. I don't need personally. He's an old time news guy. My favorite is Bret Baier, quite frankly. He gives you the news. I don't really know what his opinion as he gives you the news. But who are the news people on CNN who gives you the news who are the news people in MSNBC who give you the news. I'm quite serious about this. So they had this twenty four seven o'clock, and when you're MSNBC and your ratings are really tanking especially in the morning schmo. All day long. You have to really dig at the by you have to say to your Booker. Who's usually thirteen years old? You have to say to your Booker. Okay. Who's out there who will come on our show at six thirty in the morning would know ratings John Higham, and he's always good Heideman. As always good. So there he is John Holloman Steve Schmidt Damas a doorknob. And he's always here. Always looks like he's sitting on a cucumber. But it doesn't matter. He'll spew hate. We like him. So that's how they get on. Over at CNN. They have a usual conga line of freaks, and fools like this Anna Navarra, she pretends to do her nails. Let me tell you something. This woman knew full well what she was gonna do. She's like a d actor and she comes on their basically spews the same poison every time. And pretends to be a Republican. Just so she can what she doesn't understand is how she's being disrespected stereotyped, and she's a foil. She doesn't understand that. 'cause she's too stupid. I'll be right back. Mark levin. There are a lot of kids in this country. Who didn't have a parent at their baseball games or recitals because their parents were serving in faraway places. But now their parents are coming home from battle some with wounds, you can see and some with wounds, you can't see like post traumatic stress disorder everyday wounded warrior project. Assists, wounded warriors and their families with the warriors.

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