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For the news and this report is sponsored by walt foodcenters here's vikoren thank stephen undercover fbi sting operation disrupted a plot to bomb a miami shopping mall the suspect of fiftythreeyearold flora demand percent of solano is in fbi custody he's accused of planting the bomb the dolphin mall just west of miami the fbi says as part of the sting solano thought he was getting a bomb it was a fake that he obtained from undercover joint terrorism task force agents president trump is promising lord tax cuts split there's new concerned about retirement plans of the framework the wall street journal reports lawmakers are considering reductions to the amount that people can save in their 401 k is currently younger people can save up to eighteen thousand dollars pretax older people slightly more the new bill according to the journal is considering reducing do saying that contribution by twenty four hundred dollars annually and no deal yet in a teacher's aide strike in palatine it's affecting elementary school district 15 all those schools remained open there still over four hundred nurses classroom helpers than staff walked off the job a week ago rescuing for better compensation now wgn traffic here's chan desalvo this stevens at expressway in bomb near harlem avenue an accident where a car spun off into the dead showing causing about a five minute delay apples time but expect that declined a couple of different fires on the south side in the gresham neighborhood never ask 74 street actor peoria and seventyseventh are low fire department activity fire department is on the theme that is for clean up an investigation after an earlier fire edens looks good in both directions the kennedy o'hare into downtown twenty minutes ten information chose and army outbound side just a half an hour back out to o'hare eisenhower looking good in both directions thirty two minutes out to thorndale from the circle inner change stevenson inbound 350 find the lakeshore drive 34 24 and from the tristate outbound side half an hour to 350 five ryan ninety into downtown twenty minutes the bishop ford i eighty to ninety five 1950 seven starting to.

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