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Sounder train can get you between Lakewood and Seattle with several stops in between San transit says ridership today of the Sounders were normal over the weekend workers demolished a small portion of the viaduct near the stadiums. David sours with the state DOT says they took down bourbon existing viaduct on ramp demo there was to create openings for the new Dearborn street that will be opened up on the early February. That's the last demolition schedule until after the tunnel opens. Although plenty of non demolition work remains. It'll coming down with the with the Alaskan way viaduct is a long time shelter for Seattle's homeless. Komo's Eric Heintz. Has that part of the? Doc had been a shelter two generations of homeless people last week the union gospel mission counted at least thirty eight people still living under the viaduct. The closure will also create complications for organizations that help the homeless compass housing alliances operation sack lunch provides homeless people with three thousand meals daily, but because they're normal exit from the site will be closed with the viaduct. They tell the Seattle times are devising a temporary system to get the meals out renting carts to haul the food up to another street where they will part delivery vans. Eric Heintz, KOMO news. Researcher has completed a four month study aimed at easing Seattle's homeless crisis. Mark don's brief the city council today. Majority of people experiencing homelessness are people of color in this community. Those folks are native and black predominantly and right? It is important that in addressing homelessness. Writ large. There'd be a focus on those inequities. He made several suggestions and says it will need to be tackled as a regional issue bringing in cities and counties. In addition to Seattle and King County. Komo news time eight thirty four triple A traffic every ten minutes.

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