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Can we actually even say those words? No, you can't. There is no end. There's just an endless Mobius loop. And look, when he comes back, he really is a deal in place. He's going to get paid per appearance. He's going to test his fitness. In the end, I think he has the right to do what he wants. I think he's going to give it one more go. And try to come back at some point. I think after winning this, he's got so much emotion. He's in such a good place right now. It hurts, but the fact that he's getting surgery now suggests that he's going to give it another go. The speech he gave in the dressing room after this I swear to win was just remarkable. And then the table was flipped over, but right, so he's right, you know? You're going to clock was named manager of the year by the league managers association in England. Not a surprise, Jules, right? No surprise. I give you that and I think he deserves it. I think people were surprised that the manager who won the league, the graduate didn't win the trophy for best manager in the league. If you see why I'm in, which I can understand because I think the last manager not to won the league to win the trophy with Tony pulis in like 1213 or something. I can't even remember how many people never won the Premier League? No, but he's only one manager of the season, which is crazy, I think. So I can see why city fans have been like, really? Why not bev? But I think club deserves it too, you know? At the time of the potentially one point from how do you not give it that? Yeah, exactly. Marcus Rashford insists he wants to stay much the united and extend his contract. Cab. What would you do if you were errington Hagen Richard Arnold? I would sit him down and say Marcus, you got a new deal before, is a very big deal. You haven't lived up to it. Definitely not. How about a sign of good faith? How about either a pay cut or no increase? We can stick some bonuses in there if you like. And you know, you know, you are mancunian, you grew up here. You know what this means to the club? Play yourself back into fitness and then let's have a talk. So I would be thinking short contract extension. And then we reopened talks. You obviously love the clubs. He's not going to lead the joint power center man. Sorry. I think you're very kind. To say the least, you would just call him you're very kind with Marcus Rashford. Did you just give him the Jesse Lingard Phil Jones treatment? I would just be like, hey, listen. I think it's a bit cheeky to ask for a new did when after the season you've just had. It's got a year left. I know. Yeah, but you know, it's like ask a deal on United terms. Let's talk about the young up and coming center forward. Who's joining Manchester City next season? That goal machine that everybody is excited about. That's right. Julian Alvarez. Not the other guy. He scored 6 goals as an even destroyed aliens. 8 one in the company with the daughters. Oh my God, what a performance. I mean, I think Lima with that bad that you and I would have called a hot trick probably. However, I'm more of a defensive. However, you still have to score 6 scores. If you look at the goals that is called all very different, some are very aware of esque in the way he hit the ball. Some are pure awareness, great movement, awareness of space around him, quite finished. Some is just intelligent and Nick the ball of a defender, for example, in score, it's just perfect. And people are right to be excited by earning Harlan, no problem. I'm really excited to see Alvarez and pep and develop on the pap. He can play wide. You can play as a second striker you can play on his own. He would give them so much and muscle Gallardo, the river manager said, I would love to keep him here until December at the end of the senior Argentina, but perhaps doesn't want to listen to anything. So, you see? Juventus are looking for a led by to replace alexandro gav, do you go with the veteran option MSN primary? Please say no. Are they young and upcoming? Wonderful season with euthanasia. I think his destiny is you, man. I have to do that. No, of course, yeah, young, Italian. Do that. You still have a look at Pellegrini in there, by the way. Who's not a turd? I think it's useful players. Go for that. We dog plays in a bag three though. Let's be careful there. Attacking what attacking. Von San company is leaving under lectin reportedly interviewing for the manager's job at Burnley. Joe's, I would have thought he might have some more options. Did he still have a house? Maybe in the northwest and he wanted to rent it out so he said, let's come back and move here. These hundreds of clubs in the northwest. It doesn't make sense for me for him to go to Bernie. I really don't get that at all. The UFI Champions League prize money distribution from last season is a gab reminders how he works and how much do they make? They're both going to make roughly around a 100 million, I think Real Madrid are going to make a little bit less. Now, it's not a straight prize money and this is what upsets a lot of people. It's also based on something that they call the market pool. The market pool it depends on the size of your domestic European TV deal with UEFA. So that means if you've got a very wealthy contract, like England, you're going to make more money than if you're safe, Portugal..

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