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I've really tried the tenacity of Raheem sterling razz, the fearlessness of Trent Alexander old joyful wonder of sunny, the leadership pot of cloth Pap of ole wall fell the pain of ole two of Harry canes, injuries of Surrey. Oh, the pain that cigarettes couldn't take away an at times on Twitter. I've heard from other Evertonians angry when of marvel that Liverpool's tenacity, determination, perseverance Roach, unco, Tony, and that's true. But I've realized in life I'm gonna Tony, and I but somewhere deep down this somewhat deep deep down there. I'm a human second. And I've tried to tap into that. Tuck into that season. I have I haven't it's been wonderful really has to marvel at Champions League semifinals as we'll discuss to. Appreciate Andy Robertson story, Benard, they silver all Lucas more. It's to be a noble. I believe this David there's enough. Sadly, there's enough. Hey in the real world right now so raises but fan blood from to watching football with positive vibes to football fan the born of love. Thank you, Manchester City. Thank you. Thank you all you've made us and by me feel alive because you're a human second. Human whatever Tony kills human. Where would you had human David third one human one? You sport. Love human was. Love family to three football for England five. Chelsea crystal. For me. I'd have a slightly different rankings up. Evertonian? Probably have holocaust obsessive Liverpool breakdowns and crew in that were pooled proud bold and a family and then at Foley of books, we number five lead tweet in but scotch drinks. And and then properly human. Clouds, you love Klaus raid and kill these just below human. But because we've had shot when I feel too. To the stuff. They talk about the football. But we need to wear us. We're gonna start wrote the title race definitely the title race man city outlaws livable in one of the best primarily campaigns in recent memory after retrospectively brief spell of Glen Murray juice things onto yesterday city came back to batter Brighton. Full one on the south coast rendering livable's to nil win over Wales inconsequential. But we want to go back to the beginning. And relive it. As an folded. Where began with city saying out to grab full title in eight seasons against in aka the seventeenth best team in the finance that I thought about this one really's, a human, psychological, scientific experiment. If you read psychology magazine today, you'd know what me more would human beings having pack their bags to go on vacation council their newspaper for the week made that last dash run to the the Walgreens for the SP fifty. They forgotten. Would those same people still give crap to do that job when the suddenly co back to work when they're on the brink of Oubre excelling to the apple I mean, I can only for the pro in place. This must have been a bit annoying. They would have preferred to replay full. What just to gain that mattered? Dr John no one would have been watching but have the glare of the entire global than the scrutiny when they have done that job. They've avoided relegation to have to pretend to give a crowd ROY lost. They must have been a bit annoying. I don't know. I feel the opposite. I feel that this was a great way to end the season playing by basically having the eyes of the world on you these professional athletes. They wanna be the center of attention. They want to be playing in big games. This is a big game all of them on the same day. And we'll get to this Cardiff a relegated team went into Old Trafford and beat anew surely for Brian. This was a chance to be spoilers spoil the party to dictate. They're not going to win the primarily, but they can dictate who's gonna win the Premier League..

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