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He is Fritz using guest on smiley the head man at Zimmer fishy doing our sat with brewers manager right counts. WTMJ conversations Sundays at eleven on WTMJ. From the WGN J breaking news center. I'm Greg hill. The city of barren is welcoming back Jamie Kloss after she was missing for eight days people like lean say they were thinking about her every day. I was speechless. I don't I can't even put into words what I was thinking honestly class had been reunited with her family and the barren area school district superintendent will be holding a celebration sometime in the future and Jamie clause case has some similarities to the Elizabeth smart disappearance from two thousand and two in two thousand seventeen interview with today's TM day. Four smart says it's possible for anyone who has gone through an ordeal. She and Klaus have to live a normal life and help others who may face similar situations, really important for people to share their stories because the truth is is that it happens everywhere. Smart posted on Instagram. She is happy to hear Kloss was found alive. Calling her a strong survivor to state legislators are trying again to Tuffy Wisconsin's drunk driving laws by. Making a first time offense misdemeanor instead of just a fine. Senator Alberta darling says the measure, she and Representative Jim hot are putting forward will likely face backlash. I understand. There are concerns about the first time offender, but I'm concerned about accepting the fact that it's okay to have a drunken driving offense in it isn't if approved a first time OWI would result in a jail sentence of up to thirty days and a fine up to five hundred dollars. It would be reduced to a civil forfeiture. If they don't get another OWI within five years of their first, Wisconsin OWI case will be heard by the US supreme court regarding when is legal to drop blood to determine if a person was driving drunk jerem missile claims a blood draw while he was unconscious in two thousand thirteen the found him under the influence violated, his constitutional rights. The Wisconsin supreme court ruled his conviction was valid given. There is a state law. Allowing for such a blood draw..

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