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Limit movements and personal interactions outside the home to only those necessary to obtain or provide essential services or conduct essential activities the governor says the order goes into effect Thursday and will last for thirty days he says he took the action after the trump administration urged the public to follow CDC recommendations there's still no definite plan for to Holland America ships with the dead and sick passengers on board expected to be sailing near port Everglades by early Thursday before they can even enter United States waters they have to present a plan that's approved by the Coast Guard and then that plan has to also be approved if you want to come into our port by Broward county commission commissioner mark Bogen according to the Miami Herald the Broward county commission is not determined whether it will meet tomorrow to decide how to handle passengers governor to Santos said he's willing to accept any Floridians on board but that the state is still working on ways to deal with foreign nationals Hillsborough County assigned six month leases with two hotels in Tampa that will serve as quarantine and isolation sites to house residents and family members have been impacted by covert nineteen the sites are next to each other and will provide shelter food telemedicine options and basic services for residents who are able to care for themselves but unable to stay in their own home Florida is speeding up the processing time for unemployment benefits the registration system has been overwhelmed by so many people requesting benefits governor dissent is waive the rule requiring recipients to wait a week before their first check is given with Florida's news I'm John Conrad we're all doing what we can help each other during this crisis and it's good to hear that businesses are doing good to like Bose they're partnering with musicians on call to bring virtual performances to patients and healthcare facilities those is also launching a series of virtual music lessons called hash tag music gives back which will air live on their Instagram channel lease on the mattress company is helping hospitals in need of beds Lisa created a bad kid hello included that can be produced and delivered.

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