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The board of trustees itself. And i wanted to ask you this whole issue of a tenure for faculty we've seen several battles now in recent years about a prestigious universities not approving tenure for prominent black and latino scholars. What do you say to people who say. These are basically tempest in a teapot that these are middle class intellectuals seeking to get approval of a permanent job lifetime job tenure is in these universities when millions of americans are what was just a decent paying job not and can dream of having lifetime tenure. How important are these battles in terms of the the battles over institutional racism in society. Right now i think it's a microcosm of a lot of things we're seeing in the nation right at public universities certainly at the university of north carolina system in unc chapel hill. Its flagship institution. These organizations are Their boards that governing boards are political appointees so the unc board of governors for instance which governs the entire unc system. All of its schools has one democrat right now because republicans in the north general assembly appointing that democrat is a democrat who lost who is a lawmaker in lost his primary primarily because of siding very often with conservatives and republicans so that's what they put on the on the board there the The board at chapel hill is stacked with white men and stack with people who are conservative. It doesn't look anything like the. The university itself is the question of tenure monday. You get a tenure appointment to champagne problem. I think it might seem that way for many people but nicole. Hannah jones doesn't come from an niger. Your ivory tower background. She doesn't come from middle class. She's from waterloo iowa. She grew up in a working community where she didn't know black people who went to college. She went to notre dame she went to. Unc progress school. She worked her way up from the chapel hill news in north carolina up to the new york times one peabody hope national magazine awards the pulitzer along the way. So when you see somebody doing what conservatives say that they should do themselves up by their straps achieved in america and then they hit us sort of a glass ceiling for ideological reasons. I think that's the problem. I want to turn to to clips one the megadonor. And then the protestor who at this point might have more power. This is unc. Megadonor walter hussmann speaking in a two thousand nineteen video about his twenty five million dollar namesake donation to the unc hussmann school of journalism and media. We're investing in carolina journalism because it's a very important time in america. Americans are beginning to realize they need to a trusted source of professional journalists. And now i want to turn to a student when black students tried to attend the unc. Board of trustees meeting on wednesday. June thirtieth members voted on whether to grant tenure to nicole hannah. Jones campus police forcibly removed. The students from the room as we all of their call. Now this is. Unc student tell Van one of the protesters in that clip speaking on black shoes black news tonight with marc lamont hill about whether. Unc is a place where she wants to be now. They feel they can do anything to treat as any kind of way. I want you to ask yourselves. Honestly this is what we saw them do today on camera and they knew the world was watching. How do you honestly think they treat us. When you're not paying attention. I will never ever ever forget the less than unc chapel hill talking today and we'll continue to bring this up when i'm talking to potential. Black students were interested in coming here in the future now. Unc police chief Chapel hill has resigned after what happened at that. Trustee meeting joe killian take us from there. The power of hussmann. The power of the protesters. Well i mean you know. I think what you're seeing in that. Protest clip is a lot of pent up frustration over a number of issues dealing with politics and race at the university for years where students and faculty and staff members collared do not feel. They've been hurt and have had conflict with the people who are governing the university governing the university system who are very very removed from his attending the university and teaches at the university. Who the nihar. If you just look at the makeup social makeup the racial ethic makeup of of these awards they just don't reflect the students in ideologically they certainly don't represent the students so there's a terrific amount of frustration built up as to how much influence they have. I mean i think that this. This incident proves that when the campus sort of speak says one faculty staff students alumni a major major funders of the university. They can get the attention of the people who are in charge. But you know can they make real change at you know. That's a harder question. Only the members of the north carolina general assembly can change leadership awards and people coming in are not any less conservative. In fact i would say that either more conservative than the people who are leaving. And the and i wanted to ask you terms of the impact of this night of this knightfoundation money which supposedly is also attracting a other foundations. The ford foundation and others for a multimillion dollar grant a howard university. What the impact is going to be a of that decision of these major foundations to essence provided alternative to what. Unc was so late and granting to into in terms of tenure here. Yeah this is not the first one we've seen this either. You wouldn't see lost a major grant after it's a debacle over the silence and confederate monument on its campus and how a candle bat and it continues to come in conflict with major donors and to lose downers ends money from individual individuals who donated school to which honestly but some of the folks who were and running university. Say okay that's fine. Burt redoing it. What it is we want to do and we believe that. Will you know. Continue to find the money to do that. We're you know we're not interested in changing direction. Because these people who our work don't like our students toppled the statue the confederate statue in two thousand eighteen. Now the unc. Press in the crosshairs of the board of governors which is refusing to reappoint professor. Eric muller who criticized the handling of the silent stem statue. We have five seconds. Yeah eric muller is a renown. Unc law professor. Who has been on the unc press or for two terms. He was three seconds to be reappointed reappointed and has heads with the order. We'll leave it there. Joe kelley and thanks for joining us..

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