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If they expect the fans to buy into the fact that she is a baby face and just beat the biggest female baby in years in twenty five seconds with a with a with a a pseudo rock bottom then. They are out of their minds open. Hold on. I'll get on the bush out on friday and we'll be booed by the crowd a thousand percent. I don't know if she'll be booed on friday because it will at on on immediately because people will still pop to see her coming out because it's been so long but two things number one. I if if if their plan is to try to force becky who's so beloved to be a bad guy. That's a terrible plan. It doesn't make sense that doesn't even it doesn't even make sense. I don't know why they would need to know not now. It doesn't why you don't wanna make a returning star like becky a beloved natural good guy don't force sorta be a bad guy immediately. Let her come back. It'd be a good guy and then have a moment because when people come back they're inherently good everyone's excited dip. They're not gonna boomer immediately. It's going to be this annoying trickling into booze where you're like wait a second. Are we supposed to like are not like her. But that's wrong if they were to if they're bringing back that you lynch and she beats bianca belair who is over like what over okay in twenty seconds with a pop the moves that is a he'll term. In my opinion it is at your. You're correct. Okay if they they should have gone they should have had her start starting to wrestle carmella. They should have had her. You know you know a running. During that i told you that the play bel air over the head with a chair. Oh oh okay. Yeah well they see. They know you know what they should have done. They should have you know what. I'm on a roll these days. I'm gonna keep going. They should have gone full. Echoes of bash at the beach. Zelina vega and carmella gang up on bianca are beating the hell out of her becky's music hits. She comes down. You think she's going to save bianca. She stops she looks around. She hits bianca with the chair. That bash at the beach again full. He'll turn with they did yesterday. Dip was not in your right. It was technically. Oh he'll turn because what she did to. The most beloved baby-faced has to be hilton. But it wasn't done as a heel turn. It was done as a. Let's celebrate this win. It was it was pop it was just. Let's get a pop. Wasn't i wasn't there but it wasn't a pop in the ground. The crowd was was was like. Are you kidding in. And then here's the other mistake. They made they. They stay shot the bianca walking down the alleyway or the the the entrance ramp. Like you know smirking and like clapping for her. Like oh you beat me. You did it like what if their intention is to make becky. He'll they shouldn't have cut to that because of course the intention is not to make her a he'll that is so crazy. I mean off. let's let's hear. I wanna hear what you're saying. All right i bear. I was sitting there in the dressing room. All right here we go. let's listen. We had too many three matches tonight. We somehow add one more package. Look for the handshake. Take copper you know what you. You're not wrong. That was not a pop. It was apartment. She came out. It wasn't a papa you on no it not at all if she comes out on friday and heels often becomes a full blown hill on friday on good with it. It was worth it if the plan is to like have forbid i don't even know what the thinking is. There has to be some logical. Thought there that they're you know she beats the big baby face. Are you know in. Two seconds. And all of a sudden debates. That's not how wrestling works. So we'll see what they just you. It's fair but i will say you know. Brian man said this yesterday on twitter great. He's a great guy who hates ww but he made the point. If you're in the wwe camp and you're one of the people. And i've been this guy before. I'm not gonna lie. Who says well wait a second before you get upset about them doing something. Let's wait and see how the story plays out. He he made the point and ryan man's not wrong. He said for everyone who says that. How often does it actually play out that that justifies. How often does the end justify the means. Meaning what you're saying about well if this happens with back alleged that all will be well. It's not going to happen that way in needs to it but is it going to it. Yes i think that it will. I think that becky we'll come out. I've been watching wrestling for thirty years. Okay i know how wrestling fans think becky lynch will come out on friday. I could be totally wrong but becky lynch will come out on friday. She will come out with the championship. The musical stop and she will be boot and when she is booed will signal to the creative team. We have a heel on our hands here. Or maybe there's some grandpa that had to be thought of in advance because you'd think beyond we'll bianca tried to shake her hand. That wasn't an accident that they didn't freestyle that right. I don't think so. That's not how it works. So she went to shake her hand and got rock bottom for it manhandled. Whatever you wanna call it that that means that that is part of it. Bianca was the good guy going for the handshake. Becky was the bad guy and she did it with a smile interface. Who yeah well. Because that is not being the real now. By the way they could argue they could do a skirt around the whole thing where she's like she still acts like a good guy and even when bianca's like hey i was there to shake your hand and blah blah. She's like hey may well listen. I'm there and the irish last kicker is going to do what she's gonna do. I had to do what i had to do. She could just do that..

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