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With safety will parks as well as wide receiver. Darius shepherd fatal. Jeez it's pretty deep obviously When i was in denver Had a number for years. So now i'm going to other side and are doing everything i can put myself in the best position to succeed and every day. I'm here with kansas city. So i'm very excited to be happy to be a training camp. The other side his office in real game was it life to now joining forces all stopping I get to look at the miraculous. Amazing rose every day You know just a practice each and every day and we communicate on that side of the ball on practices is exciting for me to see so gets ready. Everything on that I'm going to get the best each and every day. I look forward cnn. Tom what did you learn about cheese being here hidden. No when you say growing on. And on but i think the best thing about being here. It's kamari commodity locker room almost a lot of togetherness and there a lot guys mama faces every day guys come in and work Being around town on that he knows is by one of those things. That's kind of joy to me. Where my favorite guys be. But if you on his side with him and he comes in every day kind of remind me myself so wired target to a self you know when we wake up and see lines world's know so many things going on out but i think the locker room is probably the biggest thing i'm just not true everywhere now. It's everywhere i mean. It just like just super super super dynamic here. You know what i mean. It's wayne organization and stuff like that. What are your expectations of yourself. As far as your role how you see yourself. I mean you know drama. Corrupt rub anniversary of player on whether that's dom nickel both safety and stuff like that. It's kinda how i see myself here. That's kind of how it's being throughout the practice and stuff like that just adjusting to scheme and stuff like that so I think you know wherever they want me to play at That's where bessie myself using your. You have seen required clear like yourself to know that if any given moment you can wind up any oh man i mean i think the biggest thing is know not knowing your road knowing what to do or nanya salmon on. That's the biggest thing in this defense. There's a lot going on back there. Especially in the secondary so i think just horrid into the small details one one trigger. Might you know swiss swiss up the defense stuff like that. So i think for myself and apply myself know throughout which bagel man. I think i'm almost there. Man is probably about quick little two percent. But like i said the small adjustments and stuff like that that you know once a whole internal details rock and roll started. Oh man Spags pretty much hands on You can see him out there on a field talking to guys. Sometimes you have to please you know whether you did the right thing or not. I mean he's he's pretty much hands on with his detailed stuff like that. It's very very very detailed on kind of coaching rates and every day so as excited to be with that guy man you know to to former players. Odyssey sam's massive. You don't know him much day. Cornerback so You know just just like i said. I think the biggest thing would do two guys. Don't wanna core on the stuff. I guess it makes it easy for you to adjust playbook especially with like this guy You know being a lever six years now I always watch his game and be quite. Frankly you watch them too. That's exciting when a guy say yo you play football so Like i said. I think the biggest thing that we've been pretty much close on. I came here throughout not as Almost slept in his room nights ago before curfew too. So i mean that's just how much we we've been bonding here so i'm excited. Thank you will. The navy rephrase imperial. Chris by the man. I mean we're working. It's kind of like a track meet with. How much does the mall around you know. 'cause climbing we're running the ball that power system so it's a fun guy here on around played in blue springs chief the user reserve for them and then all of a sudden reality through with your thoughts. And now that you're here. Yeah i mean when you're in second grade could you ask what you wanna do in europe. It's you can't see she football player so that's kind of the dream up until college doesn't really matter where i go and then you get that phone call and defined. There's an opportunity out super excited to come be a part of this. Patterson air rockers and it was a different than the last bowl receiver how to adjust to. They're both you know. Top level quarterbacks both fierce competitors. It's super exciting. Play those high level guys. It makes it a lot you. John receiver to respond to take up their their knowledge and to be playing them. It's really special with your dad. He had i got it from he would choose. Fans kinda came along that way and you know we walk anal sunday talk about the different guys throughout the years whether it was tony. Gonzales priest holmes they hog web. Or you know you take a piece of their game trying to emulate it in the back yard. You kind of think what he was doing. Yeah they give you a proud man. I wish he'd be up there watching you really cool. But i'm trying to go out here and Working today to my family proud era. Hit a kid. I probably came to maybe two so not a lot opportunities. But when i was there it was a refunded to soak it in. And it'd be that close to the action is like it's a really cool. Transient overhead and getting the play. There a couple years back my favorite game by far high school. When you don't have the other top-level offer history take a backseat. Or you still think. I think you tell you what time at that point. you know. you can't look too far ahead. You got to be in the moment. So i knew i went to north dakota state. I'd have opportunity if i took care of business. So the only thing and ended up here so it's just one day at a time in during the season. What are you doing with your yeah normally local. Offseason that with a couple of quarterbacks that our local guys in front with them and then one of my really good friends devante bosnia. who here i think they. Fifteen plays for the raiders. Now we do a lot of work together since he the dvd so it helps to give me different looks and he's been legal. Wow so i guess. I'm some tips and experience from him. Just trying to say sharpen always find ways to develop my craft here. Yeah really just get better my releases route running increase be being davante adams. I took a lot of tips from him. So all those things and not being here at these guys..

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