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Number. Ernie banks five hundred home run, by the way. That's my uncle Jack making it is your uncle. Yes. It is. I've heard that clip once or twice before. Well, a million times that we we've both heard it. He used to say, oh, I didn't mind that we never got to the World Series. I was just happy to play for this great club here in Chicago. Your book develops the idea? He wasn't all that happy about it his heart, Scott, he would go would go to the Cooperstown for hall of fame reunions hall of famers, go every year sit around in a room. Josh each other talk about the good old days, Ernie would look around the room and see that he was the only one there never been to a World Series. And it bugged him. He told me that it got to him so much at hurt him so much that he went to see a psychiatrist, and what could the psychiatry say only that he'd done his best his best. He could it really. It was a whole life. You know? He did pretend. You're right. We. Him it. It would be fair to say that he was a better teammate than a father. Let me put it that way. His teammates adored him. They really did. But he I I had these Frank conversations with Joey Jerry, Ernie soons. And they were very honest with me that there were never as close as fathers and sons should be Jerry once told me that his dad never played catch with him. Busy. He was. He was not home. You know? It was really a problem. I really grateful to them for being so honest with me about it as worse. So many of the other people spoke with they love dirty. They revered already frustrated at times to very glad to read that in his later years. The Ricketts family who owned the cubs now did their best to stand by Ernie banks, Ernie have trouble under the Tribune ownership. And in fairness, he didn't know we show up or supposed to be and caused a lot of proud. But when the Ricketts family brought the club, I had a long conversation with time Ricketts, and he told me we gotta take care of your hall of famers. Well, they did they put him back on the payroll. They paid them to kind of go to Wrigley field sitting suites with the fans they took care of the paid for his apartment in Trump Tower when he died they paid for the entire funeral was like a state funeral was on television lasted for three hours. They brought in leave me. If anybody was interested it's on YouTube because that's the whole free hours. They they were good to records. Family ownership was very good dirty. So they made those last year's along with Regina rice is friend and caretaker made him as comfortable as you could be a strange from his family and not really having any any of this family around. Yeah. Pallbearers with him at at Jacksonville. I remember that day. He knew everybody wanted him to be Ernie banks. He was very good at being or any banks was really great. And you couldn't be in his presence and not smile. You know, that smile is real it was genuine when it was also a mask that he hid behind. I found his third wife Marjorie lots. He's living in palm desert. She tried to get him to come out of his show. And she said something that stopped me cold when she said of goalie, he could have been as happy as you pretended to be oh that breaks my heart on the other hand when he insisted on playing this role this mask. There's happiness is trying to bring joy to other people. She stopped and thought, well, maybe that was why she married him in the first place Ron Rapoport his book, let's play to the legend of Mr. cub. The life of Ernie banks run. Thanks so much for being with us. Thanks for having me, Scott. Great pleasure. Still. Seems is..

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