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I'll get you updated a moment. And just like that we have our first hurricane of the 2021 season. National Hurricane Center currently has Hurricane Elsa. Moving west northwest at 30 Miles an hour with 85 mile per hour sustained winds. Hurricane Ailsa getting better organized as it marches toward the island of Espanola probably keep a hurricane strength with the crosses Central Caribbean T. Come and head towards Hispaniola Jamaica area and at that point that really will depend on how close it is to Hispaniola, National Weather Service meteorologist Kevin Rodriguez that's close to the island there right over it. It's going to disrupt the circulation without the high terrain there. If not, it could be a stronger if it states west of that island. I'm Darryl Moody to make sure you're ready. Check out our hurricane guide in the W D B o F This is Wdbo. Orlando turns first for breaking news, weather and traffic. Still watching a few showers and storms this evening and then throughout the weekend, staying active of 50 to 60% chance of scattered showers and storms Saturday and for the fourth of July highs, upper eighties low nineties hot and humid, all eyes. Of course on Elsa Hurricane in the Caribbean. We'll be tracking how close it gets to Florida could be pretty close to us by Tuesday. We will keep you posted, though, with some of the changes throughout the weekend. If we need to take any preps will, of course, let you know from Channel nine eyewitness. News. I mean, they're all just Brian Shields. I'm Jackie O Brien. We've got a red alert. Turnpikes southbound currently shut down at the 4 29 Get off at state Road 50 traffic in four minutes on Wdbo. It's actually warming up as conditions clear up in Orlando 83, with some sun rain Continuing Far east and west of downtown. I'm Tony Marino, The best of Sean Hannity is back in five minutes. Updating the Surfside condo collapse, rescue crews and engineers monitoring the still standing portion of the Champ Lane towers and keeping an eye on Hurricane Elsa. ABC is Trevor Altars in Surfside. They know that this is still a storm that has a high amount of variability could go in a number of different directions and could reach many different levels of strength. They say they are planning for the worst case scenario. And that some of those tropical storm level winds could hit as early as Sunday afternoon. And so they are getting ready for that, and they're weighing all of their options about how to handle this site will also doing all of their hurricane preps for the rest of the state of Florida. Miami Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava says 128 people are still unaccounted for, and two pilots are alive after their 7 37 cargo jet crashed several miles off the coast of Hawaii this morning. Plane was en route from Honolulu to Maui. When the pilots reported that one of the engines was down and they were having problems. Then their second engine went down. One pilot was taken to a trauma center. The other pilot was rescued on a rescue boat heading back to land. President Biden says the plan to get all US troops out of Afghanistan is on track for September. He previously set a goal for the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, which sparked the war on terror. There'll still be some four forces left, but it's a rational draw down with our allies, and it's making so there's nothing unusual about it. The Pentagon believes Afghanistan now has the capacity to sustain itself and the Organization.

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