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Week to and how much we seventy dollars with tax. Yes. They're both empty both emptying. That's right. I think you need the Epson. Ecotank forty seven fifty printer. I know I need it just wanted to remind you. Trish in Boise, Idaho. Hi, there, Trish. I hope he can say things for my hammer. Oh, no, we're frustrated in technology land, millennials are being useless. This nurse. Okay. And I have to wear earplugs when I'm sleeping, so I hear my phone. So I've tried a couple of different bluetooth devices. One was like a speaker phone type thing the other one is an alarm clock. And they both tined out some looking for a way keep things from tiny out. So that I don't miss any phone calls from my poor little people. Okay. So you're sleeping with earplugs. And you have to be able to be woken up with when you're phone rings. Okay. And so you are looking for a speaker that would be loud enough to wake you up through earplugs. Yes. Have you thought about just putting the phone under your pillow with a vibration? I toss and turn when I sleep and I wear a C Pap. So I don't notice how that would work. So I am I so I just kind of taught center in any way while I call just to make sure. Yeah. No. I have not tried that. Because I don't think it would work try it. But because you might use my want to try that. And there's also there are also believe it or not things that you could put around the bed, and I haven't do some research, but we have I have seen them that when you're phone rings the bed vibrates. Okay. Because here's my concern. You have a C Pap machine. Okay. That makes its own white noise. Right. Yep. Okay. Are and then you have ear plugs in. Okay. And then you want to be able to hear the awesome ringtone over the c-pap and the earplugs. Yes. Okay. Girlfriend. That's just too much work. But unfortunately, it is what it is right now. Okay. Okay. Well, here's the other thing is that you could actually like there's a wristband that you could get if you get a phone call it will vibrate on your wrist. I mean that would be another option Andrew, you're shaking your head. Yeah. I remember the sharper image sold a product where you dock your phone in there any would amplify the ringer. And it also had a flashing light. That would go with it made for someone just like, Trish. Okay. No, she's wearing she's wearing ipads to. But amplifies the ringer. And it's going to be docked. So you don't have to worry about a bluetooth. Turning off that could be doable. Because it really the reality is a phone is like six inches from my head. So anything that amplifies it above this? Just not loud enough. Okay. Have you heard Andrew have you heard a C Pap machine? Yes. My father had your CPAP machine they're loud. But this this is for someone who needs that for someone who has bad hearing that amplifies the ringer. That's the only it's not a speaker. It has a light and amplifies the ringer Harv hearing. Okay. And that might work. Okay. That that's a that's a possible solution for you, Trish. Okay. That is. Okay. So you can get a flashing light. I personally am a fan of the electricity or you know, let that you know, she gets zap. Yeah. Maybe have someone with a cattle. Prod standing next to her bed. Yes..

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