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The other thing I wanted to add to Minkin said is with the situation going on right now. It's a great time to change your habits best time to change. Your habits is when you're in a completely different context so your world is already up ended. You're probably working from home. You're not seeing a lot of people. It's a great time to build a new habit. You guys appreciate the time. I know you guys are busy. I gotta get my family back hottest. He's been watching. Rowen for four and a half hours straight down. She's GonNa be eager to to hand them off. But yeah listening to you guys. I'm like no one out. There should have any excuse for anything going on and that's just have second career as motivational speakers. If you ever wanted it yeah thanks. Thank you guys so much for for this time for sharing your wisdom here with us with the the business ideas that you talked about yet. It's all been great looking forward to chatting with you guys again. Soon to those who've listened he stuck with us for four and a half hours appreciate it. If you've got any knowledge you picked up anything from this conversation. Let us know can either comment on this facebook post or email us at update at run with dot. Fm So yes this is a signing off. Thanks guys again. It's a pleasure to talk with you again. Anthony Josh being the l look forward to get later on thanks guys. Now it's time for you to run with it. Follow through on the action steps disgust and email a summary of what you did to update run with it dot. Fm every listener emails us. We'll gain exclusive access to a private facebook group of action takers and one. Listener will earn a free mentoring session with today's gassed and potentially a business partnership help us build the run with it community of generous entrepreneurs police like subscribe and review. Us Online and remember. The secret of getting ahead is getting started..

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