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Season guaranteed spot baseball where seem in the league guarantee rosser bench you for at least thirty at bats and we and you guys saucy say he said you might run into one four at bats a game three so you're more likely three oh won all eleven but a single we talking about a double bass knock crazy a little ground definitely be a single but if you get an error in the outfield okay stretch it got you this guy's got super wheels that was specked that the base that's the thing about baseball it's all about the situation there's a staffer everything if they're not looking to pick off hell no dick underestimate how much they will disrespect you out there i'm just getting softball i'm just can't fastballs right down the middle because strikeout every time i'm not throwing in my breaking shit i'm not going to try to fuck up my elbow trying to fucking being out of here shrivels serve them straight me bulls and you're gonna hit with i'm getting no pickoff move physical bad pitches like respectful hi chateauroux cc's on a roof to shit out the fucking park i know on my watch because as a pitcher you can't be getting like fucking yeah rocked by a walk on other pitcher every video game it was like oh you gave up a home run to the opposing pitcher unbelievable it's disrespect while shelter moby power pros which is the only baseball game to get whether right because they have rain and the rain will start and stop every other video game doesn't do it right but they they either either torrential downpours the whole game or light rain that should be fucking with your shoes on.

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