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And that's going to be his second. Mcgriff was trying to claim it. But a name was right there. Madam put JD Miller at the free throw line. Sixty seven percent free throw shooter on the year. Is likely set to come back into the Oklahoma state lineup Miller. Good for JD. Likely for. Thirty one twenty two. Nine point lead right now. Second effort is good for JD Miller. The job. I JD right there. Badly needed some points here just down eight five eighteen to play this first hand is likely to bring it up on our genome hard. Right inside. They get it. Curtis. Jones back now likely screen, comfortable grip likely the left hand wing five forty go here. This first thing of thirty one twenty three right now Dow grip kicks it over Jacques seven on the shot clock waters. Jolts Bennett traits all the way to the ramp. Is that just opened up the sea parted for jobs to take it right in and laid over the top of the ramp. Jones. Couldn't believe what he was saying he hesitated for a moment. Then went ahead and took advantage of it laid it in thirty three twenty three back to the ten point margin Robinson, working on Jagua takes an end to paint side draws contact here and a foul. That's going to be the first Thomas. Fifty. Now robertson. Alex does. So the kids for Davis. Impart. Zone from Oklahoma stake Elliott bounce. From roberson. Robertson on jobless kicks it off with a quarter now to get Davis. Five of the shot clock ball tapped away comes up with it. The light. He added knocked away. Here's Curtis Jones controller for Oklahoma state four fifteen to play the hand baseline nip heart left it short polo by. Oh god. But a foul hero TCU, and it's going to be the third largest heart. Five for the rebound there just knocked McGriff to the floor. Got to get out. That'll get Kevin Samuel into the lineup. Kevin's got two fouls. He's gonna check for RJ them who has three. Well, I was.

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