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Remember John Brennan, the former CIA head under Barack Obama the guy who was on TV all the time. He's expert on such things. He's now saying about the Muller report, it maybe you could be the Miller report and more indictments could be happening. On friday. But then he admits he doesn't have any inside knowledge, which is something to which grammar police. Many can. To which many can agree to aspire. Well, there's a lot of people who agree the same. But they don't have any knowledge. But it doesn't mean they won't be on TV on MSNBC CNN, whatever saying, well, it could happen might happen. Should happen. Wishful thinking party of one again, if we may be surprised, but I doubt it because many who have been waiting waiting waiting for the Muller report just to answer all things and get Trump caught in whatever Dave even started saying, well, I don't think there's going to be a Russian collusion. So. Whatever. But there's Brennan you could always count on. Who's the other guy Clapper Brennan when there's any sort of thing that looks at all like a like a slow news day now that we have those anymore. We haven't had them since two thousand sixteen campaign. But. Did you just wait a little bit and they come back out? And then and then there's the breathless news blurbs that come out from like, oh, hey Brennan. He's a guy who's in the in the intelligence world. He may this could happen, and they breathlessly regurgitate it. Kind of takes its own fake news deal. And he says he predicts John Brennan predicts the Muller report and more indictments on Friday. Here's over on planet. MSNBC former head of the CIA, and he he has gig is talking head expert on these networks. So he said he would not be surprised he said not knowing I don't really know. But I wouldn't be surprised just like this last week and the previous week, and what happened would not be surprised. He said. He's being interviewed by Lawrence O'Donnell. Right. He would not be surprised if a Trump family members indicted that would signal the end of the Muller investigation because Trump would probably fire him. Is no inside knowledge. He said, quote, I wouldn't be surprised if for example this weekend Friday, not knowing anything about it. But Friday is the day. The grand jury indictments come down the typical Friday. So this week is better the next Friday because next Friday is the fifteenth of March, which is the ides of March Sanath that. That's. Tube routine. And I don't think Robert Muller will want to have the dramatic flair of the ides of March. But he's going to be delivering what I think are going to be as indictments. Well, why would he do it? When time is all set askew. Has we go back to daylight saving time this weekend? This is John Brennan waking up telling the network. I I have a hunch. You have any evidence. No, no, no, well, perfect come on over to MSNBC. I do think of anybody from the Trump family extended family is going to be indicted. It'd be the final act of Muller's investigation because he knows that they will do something. That's how they do it. AM seven sixty talk and breaking news wanna.

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