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News. Wait, could you repeat that? It's eleven oh five at the bay area's news station. KCBS little fog overnight at the coast. Red flag fire warning kicks in at midnight in the north bay mountains in East Bay hills. It'll be in effect till noon Monday. Good evening, I'm Peter Finch. Here's what's happening striking Marriott workers continue to pick it in front of hotels throughout the country today. And in San Francisco they've received a boost from city leadership. KCBS reporter Keith men Coney says that mayor London breed has agreed to meet with local union members representing workers things are heating up out here on Friday. Dozens of striking workers were arrested in front of the Marriott marquee in downtown San Francisco, but it's only seemed to make the workers more determined. Now. Those demonstrators are cheering the news of the meeting with mayor breed very excited to continue to work with our our community leaders. We're doing this. Rachel is the national press secretary for unite here at Uni. Representing many of the workers leaders to support the workers in the strike. We want one understand these issues because on top of being union members are also constituents and voters but city leaders assigned as the demonstrations drag on some in San Francisco are losing their patience with the noise and disruption. I mean, it's not pleasant to be out here. You can't have a conversation as you're walking down the street with your friends, others say it's not so bad terribly. I mean, only that it's just noisy won't be coming from the hotel and others are downright supported on support of fighting for whatever rights, you have in the workplace, the workers are demanding better, wages and more. John security. Hey, say they will be out here. Until those demands are men in San Francisco, keep Makoni KCBS healthcare.

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