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Watson deactivated and we'll continue to be so that leaves one guy left and that's jeff driscoll and i would imagine they'll make a move quite positive throw another guy on the practice go find somebody else says. Sign another quarter because if you get to the point work jeff driscoll is playing for you. You're not gonna fare very correct. I think depending on what happens if mills plays badly. They might actually go out and sign canyon. I'm looking for a list of i've available for a the top. He'd have to learn the system quickly and the veterans should be able to. I to tell you this come hell or high water and left. Davis smells is so bad. And they play jeff driscoll and he's just as bad davis mills is gonna play. You guys know this. i'm talking about. They're not going to go out and well. Let's trade for some high priced corn cam. No they're not doing any of that. What happens if i mean and we're playing scenario of if something happened to davis mills and he can't play you can't go jeff driscoll what about this were debris and rg three. If they if. I don't know maybe if davis mills goes out. Let's say pulled his hammy in the third quarter and driscoll's turn find names driscoll comes off bench to play lake bortles de realize it the next week. Jeff triskel will start. That'd be mistake but he will. That'd be a complete mistake. He can't throw the football buddy. Will they have to go silent. You look at the list right here. Rg threes available blake bortles rj. ryan finley. who was here in the offseason. Hail i wouldn't be spro who they trade him to. They cut it for him. Dany ailing ls. You're matt moore still available tough hard hard nosed kit longer kid. Though and she came already joe webb. He's not playing. No he's got a quarterback to sean kaiser..

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