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I'm curious your take on this because you're a musician and I'm not. So you I think probably have more of an insight into this than I do just comparing their different playing styles and yeah I was saying before about Clapton in essence being sort of like preservationists like he someone who's studying the past trying to carry a tradition forward whereas, Hendrix he has also studied those same reference points, but he's more about pushing it out and and taking it into outer space along with the showmanship aspect too. I. Mean He is especially early on much more of a few. So performer. He's setting his guitar and fire. He's having sex with his amplifiers. He's doing all the things that like rock bands are going to be doing forever after they see Jimi Hendrix. But how else would you say that these two guys divergent terms of their playing styles? Clapton is more reverent probably because it's a scene that is not native to him. You know he was not not a black kid morning United States you know not. A point on it, and so he for all the reasons that we mentioned about him wanting to leave the yardbirds because it was getting to pop into commercial. I think he he wanted to be a stylist whereas Jimmy like you said was pushing it out and Jimmy's stock in trade was for years just as a straight arm be backing musician. So by the time that we got to know him as Jimi Hendrix Guitar God he was really bored with destroyed blues I think the only real straight twelve bar blues type song that he ever recorded was red house, and so he instead I think townsend had a really great way describing married the blues transcendent joy of Psychedelia. I think he kind of made Clapton and others in the seeing. No that kind of their act was sort of more old hat and there's something else that I really love about Hendrix's stuff mean showmanship aside I mean maybe this is getting a little too granular is that Hendrix started off as I said, a backing musician and so those guys were mostly doing rhythm guitar and whereas the the the. Front. Guy was playing lead like single line. Benz. And stuff on the League Guitar Clapton was known for doing that he was kind of the guy out front putting the guitar embroidery on top or as Hendrix could not only do those fills but he would also play a more polyphonic stuff. He would hit cords inbetween playing the Solos which is so it sounds like you've almost two people playing at once which is Incredible. so his sense of rhythm is really one of the hallmarks of Hendrix playing and he would later say about clapping, you know, I, wish he would play more chords. You know the guy doesn't that's not really what he does. Eric Clapton's great guitarist and we think along the same lines but I'm not sure he's playing exactly what he wants to. He later said I was said it was jamming with Eric the other day, and it was pretty nice but I wanted to hear bring out some chords. So yeah, I think that he thought. Yeah. Jimi Hendrix Clapton doesn't play enough chords is a very Jimi. Hendrix power move. It's pretty good playing with him. You know it's like, all right. I. It just sounds like Michael Jordan playing basketball with like the JV it's like it's pretty good. But I couldn't really do everything. I that I can normally do you know because this guy is I think you know the thing with Clapton I always think like his style was maybe cleaner..

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