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Our news, Jasmine. Thank you very much. Well before this afternoon is all over. We're headed for a high of 67 degrees going to be a gorgeous weekend if you have family in town. This is Arizona's weather. This chamber of Commerce stuff. Plenty of sunshine on Saturday and Sunday highs tomorrow. 71 74 the high on Sunday right now, 65 degrees out of Falcon Field in Mesa Weather brought you by Howard Air, John Roller. Katya. Our news. Potatoes and Chad. Best off on Katie. Our news 92 3 FM Arizona Cardinals, The Hail Murray. Win in the last second against the Buffalo Bills, and I just want to say this Chad Benson, super best friend. The bills play by play network. I want to drink their tears right now, After this call Murray pressure builds rush for birds and trouble gets away from it rolls to his left fires. It downfield puts it up for grabs, and it is Yeah. Oh, well caught. Thanks for listening to the bills that work. You guys have a great time. Once again, the bills lose to the Cardinals in the last second play. All right, Let's talk about the Cardinals. Then we're gonna get to the sun straight. Dan Vic we are Buddy co host Bickley in Marana, Arizona. Sports 98 7 F M. A big How about that game last night? Here's the question. What was better, the throne or the catch? What's up, boy? My money. The scroll actually beats the cat's not by much. But Tyler Marie was running Polis ELISA, right and a quarterback. We're running who's left against his body, full speed to avoid a rush. What includes the sideline and can't sort of got feet. Can't squared shoulders get somehow put that ball exactly where it needed to be to give his receiver a chance to make a play. The reason why clearly really excites me. So much is not only the fact that he's electrifying the watch, but when a guy makes a play like that, it kind of tells you that he's got some greatness in him. Because the great ones are the ones who find a way to put that ball right on the money, even if their feet are going this way on their bodies going that way, and he did it remarkable ending. You know what's amazing about that, and I'm watching the game and it was. It wasn't the Aaron Rodgers, you know, drop back through 500 ft. In the air. It almost felt like it had touch on it, which I found to be amazing. Yes, that's it. Yes, it did. And that's exactly what it looked like to me. There's an old film in golf that if you're gonna be a good Carter, you got it. You got to know the line in the speed and Kyla Marie at the perfect line in the perfect speed on that ball. And it just like I said it gave DeAndre Hopkins now the cat was phenomenal because our DeAndre Hopkins rose up among three very good defenders, whom are all pro caliber defenders, and he came down with that catch. And after the game, he was about it. Swaggy and his press conference as you ever hear, basically saying, You know, that was the equivalent of dumping on three guys in the 98 in an NBA game, and it's what I love that kind of stuff. That kind of stuff. In the light bills. Could really make a football team entertaining and it could make a real powerful. Listen to what DeAndre Hopkins said after the game. You know, in basketball terminology, that's what they called us. You know, somebody get dunked on It was on three people. Uh Yeah. You have no zone..

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