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Catherine didn't know it but blood has already been shed to pave the way for her journey to England in the course of her marriage negotiations back when she was still a toddler crawling on her mother's lap. Her father had demanded that. If they're princess was to be wed to Arthur the heir to the throne of England King Henry. Seven would need to kill a prisoner. Not just any prisoner. He would need to kill the young earl of work a boy who had been in isolation in the Tower of London for nearly fifteen years. The Earl of war still only in his early twenty s was the nephew and heir the former king. Richard the third England's new King Henry. The seventh had beat. Richard the third in battle and made an advantageous marriage to Elizabeth of York afterward. But no one really believed that he had any worthwhile blood claimed the English throne. Someone like the Earl of work did have that blood claim share. The earl was no real threat while he was imprisoned half mad from loneliness but he was still a threat and Ferdinand of Aragon. Did Not want any threats. If his daughter was to come to England she wasn't incredibly eligible princess the youngest daughter of a united Spain a Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Casteel. Catherine's bloodline was impeccable. Technically on her mother's side she even had a better blood claim to the English throne than Henry. The seventh that was most of the reason that Henry. The seventh wanted her for his son. Catherine represented old European royalty everything that he aspired. For the brand new house of Tudor to be and so King Henry. The seventh trumped up charges and escape attempt and had warrick executed. Princess Catherine would be marrying the future. King of England Henry the seventh guaranteed and so Spain agreed on dowry of two Hundred Thousand Crowns and when young Prince Arthur turned fourteen old enough to consummate a marriage. Catherine was shipped to England for a wedding. That would make all of Europe pay attention. Catherine came to London two days before her wedding gown with bell shaped sleeves and a hooped petticoat that made her as wide as she was high. The look was unlike anything anyone's wearing an England it was unmistakably Spanish. Catherine also wore jaunty little cap on her head with Gold Lace to tie it beneath her Chin in the Venetian style escorted by the Lord. Mayor of London Catherine came through the city to watch the elaborate pageants that people had set up for her tab. Lows with sets and costumes on the street in one tableau. A paper Welsh Dragon and green represented her husband to be Arthur. The Prince of Wales in another tableau the Archangel. Gabriel came down to figure meant to represent catherine reminding her that her chief duty was for the procreation of children. A God character then came down and declared blessed. Be the fruit of your belly. Your substance and fruits. I shall increase and multiply. England was coming out of civil war. Between the Yorks and Lancasters. The dynasty wasn't entirely secure yet but henry the seventh and his heir. Arthur represented a stable future. And now they had this young beautiful Spanish princess who was ready to continue the tutor line when Arthur and Catherine finally met in person. They smiled and blushed still teenagers. Even as they were play-acting adults they tried to converse in Latin. But they found that they couldn't quite understand each other. They had been taught different pronunciations. A Spanish ambassador assured Arthur that Catherine would learn English soon. Enough Arthur's little brother Henry than just ten years old peaked out at the princess who had arrived from a distant land. He whispered into his brother's coat that she was beautiful. Arthur smiled and he kissed Katherine on the Cheek. The wedding was a spectacle with Arthur. And Catherine both in heavy crowns than in velvet robes trimmed with ermine when they completed their vows doves and rabbits were released outside. Saint Paul's Cathedral in a moment of delicious chaos choir sang them out and into their marriage. Bed the Arthur was at this point only fifteen years old and I've a particularly sickly constitution. The morning after his wedding he strolled out of his bedchamber and bodily told his friends to pour him. A nail marriage is thirsty work. He said poking a friend in the RIBS GENTLEMEN. He announced when he had his need to hold high. I have spent the night in Spain. Catherine privately told her ladies that they hadn't done anything but sleep side by side and offer each other a chaste. Kiss good night the day after the wedding King Henry. The seventh sent most of Catherine Spanish entourage home leaving Catherine more isolated than she had ever been in her entire life in a strange country and in bed with the stranger king. Henry tried to distract her that day. He showed her his library and he let her choose a new ring for herself but Katherine couldn't stop looking out the window looking back towards the land she had left and to which would now never return. Though Arthur's health seemed to decline in the weeks following his wedding the Pale weedy boy becoming even Paler Wieder he was still the Prince of Wales and so the newlywed couple said off to Ludlow Castle in the Welsh marshes so arthur could gain some experience in government as Arthur's color continued to fade courtiers joked that the boy was just over exerting himself in the marriage bed when both Katherine and Arthur fell sick with the sweating sickness drenching. Their CLOTHES LEAVING THEM. Delirious with fever people stopped making jokes. On April third. Confessor woke King Henry. The seventh in the middle of the night in his palace in Surrey. The king still bleary eyed just stared at his confessor. Who recited stuttering? If we received good things at the hand of God why? May We not endure evil things. The king didn't respond and so the confessor lowered his eyes and he was forced to continue your dearest son. He said half departed to God Arthur Prince of Wales and heir to the English throne with dead when Catherine recovered from the sweating sickness. She woke to a new life as a widow alone in a foreign land. She had been married for only six months as tradition dictated. Catherine did not attend her husband's funeral shrouded in black in heavy veils. She returned to London to see what her future wouldn't tail. Catherine's father King Ferdinand demanded that England repay her dowry. It was negotiation tactic to frighten Henry. The seventh into agreeing to a new betrothal to his next son. The new heir Henry. There were a few obstacles that would prevent Catherine from becoming engaged to the very young Henry. Tudor I that. Catherine was over five years older than him. The new widow was sixteen. The young Prince was eleven but that age difference wouldn't matter much as Henry Age by the time he was fourteen. Able to consummate a marriage. It wouldn't raise too many eyebrows for him to be going to bed with an older woman but the much bigger barrier was the Bible which forbade a man to marry his brother's widow to be fair. The Bible wasn't entirely clear on the matter. Leviticus explicitly forbade marriage between a man and his brother's wife declaring outright that such a union would be cursed with childlessness but then again in Deuteronomy it basically encouraged for man to marry his brother's widow if the couple was childless it's painted as an act of charity but that religious complication could be brushed aside if the marriage between Catherine and Arthur was never consummated impatient with the hemming and hotline of advisers and investors King Henry the seventh summoned Catherine explicitly asked her if she and Arthur had slept together Catherine shook her head she and Arthur had laid together for six nights but never as a man and wife there henry the seventh said. Do you see simple. We shall keep the dowry and Henry. Shall Mary Spain so it was agreed the marriage was set to take place in fifteen o five when Prince Henry was fourteen years old. Spain would send a delegation to the pope for special dispensation in order to settle any lingering doubts about the marriages legality. And so- Catherine and Henry were formally betrothed in a ceremony in which Catherine more white looking as virginal as she possibly could with her hair unbound in loose waves down past her shoulder to signify her purity. But until Henry turn fourteen catherine remained in England. Not quite a guest but not quite a member of the royal family either choose given a minimal household allowance but not much else but then Catherine mother died in Spain. The illustrious Isabella of Casteel. That would be devastating under any circumstance but with her mother's death Catherine lost her dynastic importance. Technically steel went to Catherine older sister. WanNa but everyone knew that one was volatile verging on unhinged and so the real power was swan is husband Philip. The handsome son of the Holy Roman Emperor. But all that just meant that with Isabella dead. Catherine was no longer a princess of a united Spain. Choose instead just the princess now of the smaller less important region of Aragon. Her father's kingdom Henry Tudor was going to be the King of England. Someday he could probably find a much better marriage abruptly King Henry. The seventh stopped Catherine's allowance..

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