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I don't like that. I think i was at. I think i went and watched b-dubs kimball ask is like one of my favorite fucking fighters or some shit he wa. He got like kind of like an blood or something. It was really bad. He russell's now what are you talking about. Cain velasquez us. Yeah he was in wwe and then he got fired and then he wrestles in mexico. I remember he had like that's sick. I remember he like he couldn't fight in. Ufc for a little bit and it came back and he was not as good. I see a big wrestling fan. Look at them chomping at the bit. Like hell news doodoo. Here's news out of shape. Essentially have like two flights of stairs iran down there and carry these two and fat dogs. I feel like die time to hit the gym. Ooh you guys remember outriders hit and there was a huge game and everybody loved it. Never got any. They haven't gotten paid any money studio. Hasn't received any money from blaming game. Paths to from squaring ex so they have three point five million unique players playing the game. I mean how many of those can actually be gained. Pass though of my question like a can't be tracked that i don't think so i don't think he has releases as numbers that But like the People can fly. Which is the studio. Apparently doesn't even know how many sales outriders garner so far although estimates somewhere between two and three million so basically they've asked querying. Hey i think you always some money and screenings like no doubt your game has made any profit and they're like well can how many games it's sold and it's like no no you can't know that either It sounds like squares being real fucked thing. But i don't think all i wanna say stampings you. I don't think they should be able to be like this is because of game pass. No that's wild. But that was their media thing though they were like we didn't sell anything because of game pass. I played it for like two seconds. It was for me. It was not for me. Because i don't want to go through a huge fucking tutorial. Let me just play..

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