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Jerry was finally confronted with the administration's lies about the puerto time line and she proceeded to throw be career officials at the relatively obscure white house office of secur security under the bus the white house personnel security office staff by career officials received information last year and what they considered to be the final background investigation report in november that they had not made a final recommendation for a caitian to the white house because the process was still ongoing when porter resigned in the view of personnel security office the fbi's july report required significant additional invest investigatory filled work before personnel security office could begin to evaluate the information four adjudication sarah huckabee sanders left out of that explanation is what role senior aides including the white house general counsel or chief of staff may have played in that process asked directly if top officials were in the loop she did not give a real answer anyone at the white house personnel security office any herniation with anyone in the west waiting for clearance between wednesday at the i started some idiots morris and i'm not aware of any communication i can't say definitively but i'm not aware of any communication given what we know about center security clearance procedures and what's already been reported multiple times by the washington post and others the idea that white house counsel don mcgann would not have no about the claims against quarter while at simply preposterous and that makes him ministrations obvious attempt at a cover up all the more absurd chief of staff john kelly told aides and reporters that he first learned about the extent of the allegations a week ago tonight and that porter was quote gone forty minutes later we knew that was alive because the white house was still defending porter the following day and kelly himself telling reporters that day that he stood by a statement that he had drafted and put out calling porter who allegedly did this to his first wife's face quote.

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