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That centenary taking his word gauzy got it in for me shook showers up to other into towns leaping off bellyful of pops go when it happened see you will live from the dead day and coming up to say'so when it had happened the shooting munoz but do night back first i heard it the next morning at marginal connery come up to me said mchunu i got arrest rescue for the murder jack furlong closure i said to him marshall i hear tell you like to talk a windy don't you tried on me this morning because i got ahead all means give midor gorge luxury comes back at me and he shares iin lyon mccue you've been identified as a murder you'll have to come down in jail with me and i said you must be seen black o'connor if you think i'm going to do any such thing and you try and drawn me i'll be happy to swap shot with you but i am going to pull rate outta here if that was worrying you i'm an innocent man and you're going to have to prove me otherwise trouble is like i keep telling you mccue and you're the one who is gonna have to prove otherwise they've got the wet all why can't you get a lawyer to defend you mr huhne well sure now tell you why goes out there buck furlongs wife maggie is berries daughter that's why and dad buries a justice of the peace and they know lower which toughens enough to stand up again at all wish lim bridges that does megat rather old one in writing or fit and in these times it a man can be telling the truth and no noone believe him now brooke worn ain't fear that dad mary are you know i'm not well in our pay you 100 and silver if you talked for me i'd like to mugune but all right all right you have to say no more i'm welcoming updated trial announced phnom going in and let him say what they want near phnom walking out and the first man trash to stop me is going to get lead poisoning.

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