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Pinpoint whether a chance for showers this evening low forty seven eighty eight eighty tomorrow but rainy and sixty on Sunday morning rain and sixty five on Monday it's eighty degrees now in Denver our top story governor Paul S. as calling congressman Scott Tipton a political hypocrite he did on K. away news radio this morning yesterday congressman Tipton was on KOAA blasting the governor for sending out one point six billion dollars and cares fact money without consulting lawmakers I think the bottled produce going through the state legislature to be able to hear from all parties from urban and rural Colorado Democrats and Republicans in terms of allocating funds to be an appropriate way to be able to handle the dollars today Polish says he actually did what Tipton had asked him to do in a letter to weeks ago he's like I'm here you're not gonna send this money out to communities how dare you you need to send out to communities you know and we research I said of course you can send out you don't give us full time and the money was sent out Polish defense how it's being used on our money it's not state backed the latest they can't use it it goes to local communities that went to county health department I went to school districts that went in cities Paulus also claims the two had talk by phone and the issue never came up calling them essential businesses president trump says governors need to clear the way for churches to open now if they don't do it I will override the governor's in America we need more prayer not the less the president says churches should be open this weekend now in Colorado many churches are allowing gatherings up to ten people and they are streaming services online if you have backyard barbecue plans in the Denver area this weekend the weather will cooperate tomorrow Saturday is the best day of the three day weekend with a high of eighty it'll be a little windy with increasing clouds and a straight late day shower thunderstorm that's fox thirty one chief meteorologist Dave Frasier Sunday will be much cooler with highs near sixty and a good chance for late day showers it's a first for the eighteenth judicial district to prosecutors were sworn in today via zoom Centura health says when you have the option wash your hands instead of using hand sanitizer Dr Steven Cobb says hand sanitizer can be a convenient backup but it shouldn't be your first choice on Wall Street the Dow was down nine S. and P. five hundred up seven nasdaq gained thirty nine news brought to you by Belko credit union our next update at three thirty I'm Cathy Walker Kailey newsradio eight fifty A. M. a ninety four one FM everybody at that is a big.

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