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Trying to find meaning but also just like be aware of the fact that you could see something that looks really appealing like at one point i could've gone wow that's really cool thing but things get twisted so quickly when there's a hierarchy in people who are profiting off of underlings just be careful guys guard your guard your heart gourgeon karnal treasure you know be careful it's all an well fallen sound like we're gonna have to love you in the fuel on the dock system you really should have made this the fuss thing we probably should talk about the pepperoni fardie segel's at the end that probably would've been a good topper growing off the top but but whatever i hope you guys well anyway you've gotta go weak and please keep sending the in stuff absolately love reading it now one last thing that i would like to just add oh yeah is that next week is our one year anniversary of doing the podcast yeah i think that was when i could be wrong but it's either that was the first week but that's it's the one year anniversary of the contract we have on our podcast so it means that we will have been technically doing it for a year i think we were recording episodes like earlier last year but we're gonna be together for now mesa maybe we can try and wish extravaganza struggling on elegance extravaganza with lagaan joe let's let's figure it out let's see something fun if you guys have any ideas of what you'd like us to do we're still gonna keep dangling that toaster in front of you like i don't know when we're going to decide all the toaster winner when do we want to decide we'll get around to it.

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