Seoul, Clementi, Stein discussed on The Let's Talk Bitcoin Network - #194 Eyal Hertzog: Bancor and the Rise of User-Generated Currencies


Kind of mentally pegged to the shekel you cannot exchange it for the local currency the shekel but it will mentally pegged for that and you would get this currency when you sign up you'll get a little bit it will be issued when you you know kind of publish something that you're setting for the currency when you bring a friend to their system that this like event that will where where the country is issued and that grew seoul fast like older clementi like that of of of of mum used it end we got to a situation where we have a thousand transaction per day if the system for moms buying products and services from each other using their own currency and we thought ourself so so so this something here i mean he will just gave him the stool this monetary tool this monetary technology and they did amazing things but over a long period of stein's i'm talking about yearo so we saw that there was a problem at with with liquidity and not just in quality between the currencies i mean that's nice and everything but more about liquidity to the rest of the world to the real world because as the community matures it requires that that liquidity and liquidity could not be achieved for small classes because in order to have liquidity there's is a barrier to liquidity in the world today and liquid it is very important because i mean if if if you think about every currency as like a network of value transfer which is like cair like like a local network liquidities the internet this is.

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