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Tonight. The right back talk twelve sixty one or three seven. ATS's? We we cast at Santa Fe dot com. We'll be coming right back to the Richard each show. No voice of Santa Fe here on J T R C in Santa Fe's news talk leader. This hour brought to you by violet crown ultimate fantasy movie experience. A best in class movie. Experience awaits you. Bring your loved ones for feast for the senses violet crown Saint fake. This is Peter crown here to tell you about our state of the art audio terrariums, featuring reserve seating, multiple screens and digital surround sound with a comfortable and lush chairs with over forty taps craft beer one in regional cider, including items from our stone, hearth pizza oven, entrees, intellectual desserts. Join us for a wide variety of films with free four hour parking. This week's exciting schedule. Includes magnolia Mondays presents the host in partnership with the video library penguins. The curse of law. Your own essentially performances presents for Levante Gauss theater in Russia. The melody BUSTER Scruggs and essential cinema presents blazing saddles. Stay tuned next week few violet crown movie minute, crowns, Santa Fe's, your most unforgettable movie experience at sixteen o six alcohol basis street in Santa Fe railyard reserve your movie tickets now filed cram dot com. Office space with free advertising. Crazy, right? I'm properties has a three thousand square foot office off the corner of rodeo in Serena's right down the street from the police station with great parking, easy access to everywhere. And especially nice neighbors. Oh, and did we mention free advertising on our radio stations? Her website, Email, Lisa at Santa Fe dot com. Let's book an appointment today. That's Lisa at Santa Fe dot com. Did you ever doubt? God's goodness. His love for you is power to help. That's just how Jesus found two men on their way to amaze after the resurrection. An Easter is a reminder that that's how he finds us that even in our fears and our troubles. There's hope there's a God who makes.

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