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This racing virginia. I'm dave. I'm brian brown and as as you well know rabbi now you are listening to the racer brigit podcast. How about that but you like. Do you like new voice voice. Over all he's great. He's awesome deep dave. I just call them daily middle name. His last name is about twenty letters long. You just don't bother will go. They don't bother with it anymore. He's he's up in wisconsin. Wisconsin was hanson. They were just aired nascar. The last two weeks. I know you got a lot of notes for our opening segment. I have a lot of notes for before we get into atlanta. Because that's gonna take a little bit. Nhra vip announced that they will not becoming this year as they had rescheduled for later in the year camping world series and but they will be coming back in may of twenty twenty two. And that'll be good. The temperatures won't be real hot yet and here's another thing. I'm when i saw that and i was like. Oh that's the same week in kind of that. We run the the king and a komo. I may have to adjust that a little bit. Because i don't want you know that you don't want to have to have the fan. Choose between one or the other sure now. The good thing about that is is that sunday is the finals and we don't we race on saturdays. I you know it's a little that's one of the great things about. Nhra is that there's three days of action. You got qualifying on friday qualifying on saturday. And you've got the race portion on sundays so for me. The qualifying days were the most fun days to go to. Because you get the most racing for your buck. Sharia all the series making his f. We had this still continue to do as weekend. You can go Friday night or thursday and friday night. It starts thursday right well. Yeah so the sportsman. Glasses friday night drag strip. Come see us on saturday. Nine and then go back on sunday perfect perfect. Yeah you get your fill racing here in the commonwealth of hot atlanta baby. Oh yeah hot on track Sun a little hot as well. Yeah they they made an announcement and this by now they mean an announcement that they were gonna repave the tracking. It needs it and obviously the track was coming apart and they and again we talk to one hundred percent on needs to be repaved. Not having a fifteen twenty minute break. Because that's when people click off the tv yeah. Click at a tv and go do something else. Yup so it has to be repaved. The drivers two years ago asked them not to repave it. I think everybody understands that it needs it has to be. I mean like the of course. The drivers love the worn out surface. That chews up the tires and puts the onus back on them in inside the race car cockpit but however however i mean and the racy was good racing was very weak all all the way through the xfinity series rate. Finish the cup series. Great finish great action throughout those races as well but they trackers coming apart during the cup race. They had to stop the race and this is the. It was almost poetic. How it happened because it was like justifying yes. We do need to repay this. However they announced that they're going to reconfigure atlanta. They are narrow in the track up by fifteen feet from the top the bottom or the bottom to the top. Whichever way they do it. And they are banking the corners progressively and getting banking to the middle of the middle. The top of the jack. Not just the middle Just listening to the dale jr. download and obviously he's friends with marcus smith. They're working on the fairgrounds which would garage but gone and he said that he was one of the drivers that they asked because they went to. Ira seen i didn't know this but they do. The chili bowl was having some issues with the track service past year and the the they asked the folks from i racing and the somehow because of the scans they said. Hey this is where on the track that you're having the issue that's different from last year they went in fixed. Drivers loved it better racing and it it trans translated over from the sim world into the real world real world and they with the chicago road course that they want to put together. They've asked i racing gone made the chicago which i which i think is a great idea because you know you get yes. I racing is a computer game but it's a lot of those tracks are very very similar. The tracks themselves very similar. Whether you race an ira seeing or in person. That's what they'll junior said. He said he's raised in atlanta. You know the the old atlanta and racing on on the real marble are really and and for the most part are. I've raced at the atlanta as well so so they they can go in and say hey. This is a little bit too narrow. We need to wide enough. You know it. Save a lot of people. On a million dollars the gracie women i race win and change the track. Yeah they ask some drivers dale junior says it. He didn't feel any difference. Yeah any the one thing that he said because the drivers have been complaining. Is that you need to do a little research. Sometimes before you so so to put some context to that the driver the drivers came out and overwhelmingly said that they weren't consulted at all before atlanta decided to do this complete reconfiguration of the track and a lot of the drivers even our own denny. Hamlin right here in the most vocal the most vocal about About that Also the the car which will get into a little bit later but you know kyle busch and sheldon creed both. You're ruining atlanta. Why would you wanna ruin atlanta so. Yeah a lot of hot. A lot of hot opinions that we will we'll dive into here a little bit later Another little hot thing that we were we're talking about and it's hot and juicy and tasty and delicious was The virginia motor speedway baloney burger. That had and and what was just thinking that saturday a statement by me. Yup all right saying that. I have i have eaten both. Yeah and that. I said i think that virginia better or stacks up at least stacks up to it and that fire was fighting words. It seems and so So you had a little fun with it on social media. We've had a little fun with it like it started with elliott sadler. Giving me hell about on on twitter weekends ago. It's your the reason this is happening Good or bad you're the reason Of course and you did see somebody else in comments today. That said that they.

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