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Good morning I'm Jason Bentley coming up on morning becomes eclectic new music from Rafael city the latest from elbow and J. song stay tuned for today's giveaways your chance to see massive attack live at the Hollywood palladium plus your shot at tickets to see LA based electronic you well what's hot live it catch one morning becomes eclectic started nine KCRW could have come the whole K. job if I do that I used to actually change industries non change industries I'm a break you off it's it's a in this one but Sir John will take you off the break you off body will no one to call yeah no just one minute no need Hey what's Hey what great job if I do many and I close to and so no need this to get his dad away well he okay and the she I never everybody some folks were meant to hello chosen hello game the call the would you the world the and that'll then I was created news will the move when you when you the created closer I will choose for beautiful new sounds from Thom Yorke and flee track is called daily.

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