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And brutal then i also would to the patriots first to st louis rams the greatest show on turf and when we won and i got to feel that feeling like floating out of the stadium hugging complete strangers with the saint you know it sticks unreal flicked the level of a motion on that day is going to be crazy so i you know what my feelings for the game of just nervous i'm just nervous like this was going to be i think it's going to be another classic there's nothing to all these fucking asked holes go took the patriots it's like the patriots have probably better in arguably seven of the top ten super bowls of all time every one of them has been like a heartstopper right other that could the bears once stunk the fucking the green bay packers one was quiz great until the opening kickoff i believe of the second half when they do from michigan ran it back but the fucking patriots ram verse the rams when that game happened they will like that was the most exciting two volvo alltime though he played the panthers with jake to loan ill that that game was fucking unbelievable the eagles game wasn't that good it now pugh that kind of ruin that one right and then the fuck an undefeated patriots by gate all of that shit fucking the giants with the greatest bucket run on the road it's a wildcard team wins the helmet catch all of that even though we lost unbelievable fucking game though we played the giants again all right brady to welker they dropped at fucking heartbreaking and then eli once again makes an incredible past you can no longer say that he's got a horseshoe of possess because he did it twice right not a great one.

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