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The slacks that you were like that i love that stuff and just you know don't business and hang on your business or whatever i don't know that might be like this terrible fall in my head that that's our wound resin 20 per for some reason that's what the my mind obviously i know not everyone dressed like that but you know in a perfect released the professionalism yes was that that was the that was the the picture of it the image of it yeah i guess we see like the old school pictures was ivory like you said i would in a family pictures arbor will address that itit's ya ya address denies worthy phrases osce names djimili's actually one for thing actually going to go back to the very beginning that's when my my boss said in a student's names jimmy lee i thought you were an asian student i mean but had the did you always get growing up like no no because everyone who saw me news they saw me what out of your last year because the i always did get the thing about my name though like where in the world the jiemilli come from yes i always got that but yeah because my we have hector miguel and then you have to me with your typical spanish names then you get the most nontypical they're actually idyllic asserts or some website we do a search to see who else has the same name as you and the round the only person the united states the name jimmy leila's spill up have maybe jimmy lee but not odunayo lee ediger middle name my first game is jimmy louis yeah exactly them an yeah there might be a jimmy lee davis or something that we're the only person with the name to me leave le's i have no middle name so was the.

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