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You. My favorite episode was everyone gets treated like ladies and gentlemen at the Ritz. As the shares the shares. I'm sorry. Yes, yes, That's right. That was Miss Marie. Yeah, Yeah, She was quite You know, the history of Miss Williams. She was Actress back in the thirties and forties. Wow. He's got. She had quite the story to tell. I'm sure better beat listening to her story. She was quite an amazing talent. Did you and Tim have to do a lot of background research? Or was it something you had some knowledge of in the first place and creating that program? Wilson and Tim produced that show. I really had nothing to do with it, and I was kind of happy that they fired me. But They did go down to New Orleans. They didn't find People who represented the points of view that they were looking for. Funeral Director run by black women Hey, yeah, in New Orleans, so they created that whole character. They created. They showed the differences among blacks in New Orleans. There are so many variations Of black people and Their lifestyles. Their thought process is there. Um Discriminations against each other or exposed in such a manner. That World could see a richer community than had been represented on television formally, but it was so true to life because I I know it. I've lived there and I knew it growing up. So I wanted to pass that on to you. And and to Tim is well that I was a big fan. Still am and a big fan of the fresh Prince of Bel Air. Daphne Maxwell Reid. Thanks for.

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