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Buddies with Tony LaRussa, which is how clayborn got to know him. So I think Tony tease him at one point says, well, how long have you been in the Benny venting there since the late eighties? But Mark calls himself. Had don't be not a Doobie. He's don't be. So I think that's how the story. Wet clay words. Right. Listening to say now, you got that wrong. But anyway, he's super nice guy in my recommendation, go see the others because they they sound fantastic. Yeah. Well, you know, you don't have Michael McDonald's still they sound a sound great Eighty-nine. This is one of my favorite bands from the eighties. Fan right girl. Power the bangles Susanna Hoff's my school. Before prince if I'm not mistaken. Might be lie. You loved them though. But I always tell the story. So I I interviewed them at Sydney loppers show at Kemp arena back in the eighties. They were the warm up band in. They had just been on David Letterman in I'm back there with all ladies in the band. Thank my tape. Recorder house probably nineteen twenty years old at the time and having just been on Letterman. I said so what was Paul Shaffer like in in unison all four members of the Bengals go. He's stoned. Funny. Ninety nine. Couple of hits there. He's Sugar Ray is going deaf. Oh. You'll like this one two thousand nine. It's been ten years ready for Gaga and poker. Fish and the number one right now. Can you name the artists? He has a lot of face tattoos. Host. Daughter. I have a friend right now. Brent coder, and he loves post alone. There's a couple of his songs that I do like it's hard for me to get through all of them. But I'm going to do my picture this.

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