Steve Moakler, Mike Donahue, Dirks discussed on The Bobby Bones Show


Okay i've gone viral to now you haven't and cody alan from cmt after dark the stop that overnight show also like tons of cmt hot he's overnight he's not even on the main our how about larva trotsky from fox seven austin she's a local news anchor in the morning and she's bear wonderful person wonderful human nothing against urban verified on instagram okay how about she says oh it's sunny sunny by today not a weather on morning anchor meteorologists are important how about steve moakler you guys talk about amy i honestly every time you guys talk about this team i've known that is well that's what i meant is they surely heard oh you got the bus crash team on mike donahue he is so i don't know how he's verified bomb what does he do your hearing singersongwriter he wrote riser for dirks yeah okay but no one would know him if you walk down the street he how about that rapper six nine okay he may he may be six walk walk down down the the street street shifty thank all those people are on over lunch vox who's the i i'm not gonna do that don't don't you you don't do that okay iheart country festivals coming up on saturday night we're all in austin texas right now because that's where the festival is and i know avenue coast for that show but i'm not sure if i can say who it is i'll tell you what she's on full house.

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