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And she won. She wants but she was the only contestant in her age group but she finished she had a wonderful sense of humor as she was getting very old and and not remembering things and she'd get in the grandma loop where they say the same thing again and again you know did i order the omelette. I want the omelette. Grandma you've ordered four times You know she would laugh at herself. She laughed at herself until the moment she died. And we We love her so much. And so when. Juno was born which was just about a year and a half or two after she died. It was actually bela's mother who thought of the idea of great. If you're gonna write name yeah well and so think to this idea of reality and the truth in this music There's a story you told the first track on your new album. Which is your first or your first album together Is i've been working on the railroad. Would you sing in a minor key. But i love this. This story that you've told about how maybe this isn't true either. Correct me if i heard this on the internet or publicists rights alone so so that so you maybe you were traveling. Abigail your home. It's you know. And do know his banging on the table. Yeah and you got really about that which you know. This is a life lesson for other parents. Were not musicians because you thought. He's learning rhythm soon and banging in time. It was consistent time. Are you sure it's a fair question. But i mean what. I remember to somebody when i was learning to cross country. Ski in minnesota. Somebody taught me how to keep my pace by singing. I've been working on the railroad and the thing. I think a lot of people might think. Oh bluegrass music or folk. Music is not my music is not my taste and yet some of this music is like woven into our lives in ways that we don't ever don't even reflect on. Yeah i i. I don't think we'll let me put it this way. Some bluegrass music might not be your taste but some other bluegrass music might be. And if you just let the name bluegrass repel you because you just heard some bluegrass. You didn't like you'll miss out on a bunch of great music. And i think whenever we decide we don't like kinda music We're the one that loses because there's always something in every field. That's beautiful that that you would like. Yeah yeah and i it was just. It was kind of revelatory. Firming it to think about this when i was getting ready to talk to the two of you. This is not folk music. But the first thing i thought it was when we were learning baby. Cpr they taught us to sing staying alive. Actually stanley standard really does.

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