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The ad council stay connected stay informed the home of the Huskies komo news house democratic leaders walked out of the White House conference on president trump's withdrawal of US troops from Syria speaker Nancy Pelosi in compressional democratic leaders say they were stunned by the president's tax they came to discuss president was a male democratic leader Chuck Schumer said the president told them is Turkey in Russia's problems and then insult your philosophy called a record rate politician and they were communists involved in you guys might like that the house passing a nearly unanimous resolution condemning the president's Syrian pullout Andy field ABC news Washington almost fifty thousand union workers at General Motors are closer to returning to work after word of a tentative agreement on a four year deal in Chicago twenty five thousand union public school teachers go on strike in the morning northwest Indiana's Methodist hospital system telling sixty eight thousand patients their personal information may have been compromised in a data breach back in June Richard can't to ABC news one thousand seven ninety seven seven this one thousand and ninety seven seven companies time thirty one past the hour art Sanders top local stories from the combo twenty four seven news center president.

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