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I want to ask you to explain this. Like you're telling a 10 year old. Exactly what witnesses are telling you is happening for people that don't understand the process. Make it as simple as you can. Yes, sir. Ah! Politicians higher. The two main fixers for them, the people that are in charge of the entire Tallit harvesting operation. The two main ones in Houston in Harris County, are Business, man. Look. Dallas Jones. And other individual is Gerald walked back who has a realty company and who does political consulting on inside the Douglas. Dallas Jones. Is the puppet. Of state. District. Representative. Forced smiles. The person who controls Dallas Jones. I mean, I'm sorry, sir. The one who controls Gerald Womack is Sheila Jackson Lee. What they all so that they have deniability at the top. They hire this person as a consultant. He in turn gives his Kappos The Capitals in turn. Get their people. They hire their people attend to $15 an hour they go collect signatures, and they're actually we found Through witness video witness statements that they were actually had a veritable Illegal ballot mill. Me. Reed here in Houston. And that is the offices the real estate offices of your Womack up on the second floor and also stand understand that shell ejection. We also has her office up there. Death. On the other hand, he works directly for for Boris MMA. Miles. They're always him political consulting jobs, and we found through many witnesses that he kicks back money. The Boris Miles. Let me give you an example of some of his works fully understand what we're talking about, and what we're up against. In 2000 and 18. Later. City Council member for Houston passed away unexpectedly. This woman by the name of Martha cast ex Tatum, who was the current district K Council. Um That the deceased Larry you want and leave the services of Dallas Jones that individual who was hired by Biden. Run the Texas campaign here some of the of her work of the work that they did. And they utilized. Top companies like a bee canvassing, and this specifically Dallas Jones the numbers she ran against eight opponents. There were a total of nine people. One former city Council member, she ended up getting 67%. Of the entire vote. There was no runoff where the top they don't get 50%. You know, the press. Hey, go ahead in the end off brand she wants Main opponents, which included one former well known city council member and I crushed the numbers and here's what we're talking about. Her aide opponents averaged 313 votes and she got 12 fold. She got 3792 got 12 fold. Everyone else's. That's a statistical impossibility. It just doesn't happen. If you're manipulating the members, and here's how they do it, they go ahead and they hire their minions. They go bang on doors. They fill out they helped the people fill out their ballots. Then they go back to the office, and then they find them for that individual. We found dozens and dozens and dozens of the applications that have The same signature for the same people. We had one, sir, that we uncover 96 year old woman. Who had A signature that was crystal clear. As a 10 year old student taking a penmanship class with no wriggles all the same signatures. All the printing is the same. The same essence is the same age. The same tease everything. Is the same. And when people get accused of this, they say, Well, I hired this company. I thought religion Oh, my goodness. And then they move on and create another company, and they do the same thing. Now the entire democratic structure. Uses the same two individuals for every investigation, and it quickly became apparent to me that anyone Who is honest, which I find a rarity. Anyway, Anyone is going to be an honest politician. But anyone who is honest is blocked. From going into that profession by these people, and not only that they disenfranchise all lawful Americans that want to vote. For the candidate of their choice and by their illegal The tactics, which are second degree felony in our Texas penal code. This needs to be stopped. Yes, it does. Where does this go from here? You have filed this with the state Supreme Court. Not? Yes, we we final that. Let me tell you what happened That in and of itself is very interesting. We were asked to give an affidavit about what we had uncovered. And as you know, when people ask for an affidavit, you put down the facts under threat of perjury. So we gave because we can back up our contention. If they want to sue me, Sue me, and we'll do discovery and then we will find out the truth. So we gave over our affidavit. I believe last Friday, sir. It'll be about a week on that very same night, Mr Marler, Private investigator milers. Truck was broken into Can they Neglected to take the money. In his car or the gun. They went straight for his egg. His computer bag, which he had hidden under a map in his backseat. And then they took off. That's all they took. And then two days after that, on a Sunday Here's where it gets juicy. Mr Marlott. They held out their market areas are guests continue this conversation coming up in other news just reported. $9.6 million Mark Zuckerberg, grant unvetted vendors and blocked poll watchers add to Harris County election Controversy in Texas is largest county reports. Holly Hanson, a grant from Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg injects an additional $9.6 million into an election administration rife with controversy and legal challenges. Why is Mark Zuckerberg giving $9.6 million to assist Harris County with our election integrity,.

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