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Preach this all day but rob i know you've been hanging out here once you interject well i think what you guys are really point now it is that community is beyond just listeners community is on both ends of the spectrum it's those that can contribute to the value that you're bringing to your audience that are that can add to your content and what you're talking about todd is those relationships building community amongst those that can provide content to you is also important and danny i wanted you to talk about your your experience of of early on of getting involved in events in how difficult that was for you early on because if you're starting out and you don't have a lot of resources like todai are fortunate we have companies that support us in doing this not everybody has those resources what what are some of the things that you think back on you had to do to enable yourself to get out and go go to these events yet when i started going to events it was very difficult for me explain to them the type of content that we have because at that time podcast was even popular wasn't even known so i had to explain to them in the easy way for the stance always say okay we haven't internet radio or internet radio show in two thousand one and it was really tough because a lot of them let them gave us an opportunity to cover the event but allowed a company's completely shut us down they they were not impressed with the numbers they were not did really didn't understand about the show and yet it showed us down so i talked about this in the movie that you know a couple of years ago actually the present went to eat three you know i went to my brother like i wasted my money to to attend this event we also created like media kids ahead like cd.

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